OG wins again with carry Wisp. VP.Prodigy – 2k Analytics – Blogs suffered this time


Some things don’t change.

In the first map of the lower bracket match OGA Dota Pit against VP.P OG remembered their strongest hero from TI9. On the very first peak, they took Wisp and handed him over midone… And he ruined – KDA 20 and top 1 networks on the map.

Superfast Dominator and Topson rescue

Midwan very quickly – at 6:22 – got the Dominator, the main overclocking item for his hero. By the 20th minute, he already had Halberd and Vladimir, and OG began to impose fights. At one point, he flew to mid and gave Overcharge to Void: Topson due to this movement, Io first killed Doom in Chrono, and then Ursu. Midwan immediately returned to the free lane for farming.

Already in the 22nd minute, Wisp issued a triple kill.

And in the final fight, he saved Topson and received two Prodigy heroes as a reward.

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