On March 8, Belsport was not only romantically involved: Sobolenko danced to Korzh, Skardino trained, Azarenka spoke about feminism – Girl of the Day – Blogs


Belarusian sports love holidays, especially romantic ones. All Sunday, on the occasion of March 8, the athletes received gifts and congratulations, and the athletes did them. The girls bragged not only about bouquets and sweets, but also trained and even talked about serious topics. And, perhaps, the most striking congratulation was made by the merry fellow Alexander Noyok. Go!

Igor Stasevich from BATE and Brest “Dynamo” Sergey Kislyak pleased their wives with bouquets of tulips.

Trampoline player Anna Goncharova, wife of Olympic champion Vladislav Goncharov, also received flowers.

The day passed with tulips in the families of Shakhtar footballers Oleksandr Sachivko and Volodymyr Khvaschinsky.

And here is the romance from Vyacheslav Gleb.

Balls, candles, bouquet – everything is as it should be.


Nadezhda Meleshko received breakfast in bed from her men.

Meleshko’s wife spoke in detail about her oncology. Support – from Gleb’s wife, champions and those who defeated the diagnosis

Congratulations from the retired swimmer Alexandra Gerasimeni.

Dynamo Brest footballers were very active. Captain Oleg Veretilo prepared delicious treats.

The leader of the team, Artem Milevsky, talked about the holiday and the broom.

A friend of the young midfielder Oleg Nikiforenko with flowers.

Sasha Sokol received such a luxurious bouquet from Maxim Vitus.

And the defender Kiki Gaby congratulated on March 8 the most dear to him – his mother.

Hockey player “Salavat Yulaev” Yevgeny Lisovets gives his beloved spring not only on March 8th.

Bronze medalist of the World Boxing Championship Ekaterina Kovaleva collects gifts in Belarus. Yes, that’s what it says.

European champion in biathlon Elena Kruchinkina sent flowers to her friends.


For basketball player Tatyana Troina, March 8, it seems, was not a very festive day.

But not all celebrated girls celebrated in the usual sense. For example, Olympic biathlon champion Nadezhda Skardino met this day on roller skis.

The leader of our tennis Arina Sobolenko, without any cute pieces, just came off to the track of Max Korzh.

And her colleague Victoria Azarenka addressed her subscribers with a message about the power of women.

There is no limit to what we Women can achieve! Feminism is not about making women strong, women are already strong! It’s about changing how the world perceives this power

Well, the prize for the most romantic congratulation definitely goes to Alexander Noyok 🙂

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