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The film “Birds of Prey” is thundering in the world film distribution – the continuation of the story of the most striking villainess of pop culture Harley Quinn. At the beginning of a new picture, we see Harley alone – she is abandoned by her beloved Joker and is very worried about this breakup. A cure for mental anguish, just as it happens with ordinary people, for her becomes “work”: she gathers a squad of the most dangerous women of criminal Gotham to challenge a dangerous businessman nicknamed Black Skull, who did not want to be with Harley on one side of the barricades …

The story leaves few people indifferent: either love it or hate it (sometimes without even watching the film itself). The decisive role in this, of course, is played by the striking character Harley Quinn, played by Hollywood star Margot Robbie.

We decided to keep up with the trends and collect our five fatal beauties – we look at the “Birds of Prey” of Belarusian sports!


Alina Talay

Melitina Stanyuta

Arina Sobolenko

Elena Levchenko

Ekaterina Galkina

Photo: Instagram: @galkina_katia / @sabalenka_aryna / @melitinastaniouta / @alina_talay / @yelenaleu


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