Parfenov explained leaving the “Ural”


Former head coach Ural Dmitry Parfenov in an interview for the Football of Russia program on the Russia 24 TV channel, he explained why he decided to leave the club. The specialist has been working with a team from Yekaterinburg since 2018.

– There was no question of relegation, the Cup semi-final … Yes, there was an unsuccessful series, but before that it was successful. Was it worth leaving like this, writing a statement?

– First, yes, these defeats. When you say that the game is of high quality, and then 0: 3 in Krasnodar. We had six scoring chances that not many teams created, and that individual skill that decided the outcome. The same episodes – our attack, we do not resolve the issue, but into our gates – the attack decides. The match with Tula is a misfortune. If you look at the game, not the result, they had a big advantage. Enough hits. One standard, second standard. Such things are difficult to explain. As they say, this is football. But this match is not a failure.

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