Photos of the most beautiful girls in the world from the luckiest photographer in the world


Usually everyone is jealous of the photographers who shoot food, because after filming the food can certainly be eaten! But we have found a photographer whom you can envy even more: he takes pictures of the most beautiful models in the world! (True, judging by the fact that they reappear on his Instagram, he does not eat.)

Italian photographer Emanuel D’Angelo operates on Instagram under the nickname @livincool. And it is in his photographs that the models do not look like impeccable products of marketing reality, but ordinary indescribably beautiful girls. D’Angelo uploads photos with models taken in an everyday setting, without unnecessary pathos. Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid appear especially frequently on Instagram @livincool, with whom D’Angelo obviously has a friendship.

Lucky photographer, what can I say! Here are 15 of the best photos in our opinion by @livincool. Look, reconsider, envy, exclaim to yourself “And I feel so good!” and live on.

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