Pig bit the fitness model on the butt! (Video of the bite and pictures of the priests are attached)



The Bahamas are beautiful in themselves, but the Bahamas, where pigs live, is triple beautiful. The official name of the island is Big Major Cay, unofficial, of course, the Island of Pigs.

Pigs have been living on this uninhabited island for so long and well that they even learned to swim. It is not known exactly how the pigs got to Big Major Cay, but, according to one of the legends, they were brought here by pirates as a food reserve for a rainy day. But the rainy day came earlier than planned, and the pirates did not return to the island. But the legend looks more plausible that pigs were planted on the island by the inhabitants of the neighboring island, larger, so as not to spoil the landscape and smells next to their houses with the views and aromas of the pigsty.

Be that as it may, today the Island of Pigs is almost the main attraction of the Bahamas. Only a person with a stone heart will not want to swim and take pictures with pigs. Obviously, the famous (13.2 million subscribers to Inastagram!) Fitness model Michelle Levine is not one of such callous people.

And it is also obvious that Michelle is not only the owner of an excellent athletic figure, but also a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at herself. The girl proved this by posting on her Instagram a video of how she was bitten in the ass by one of the inhabitants of the Island of Pigs. And, judging by the bruise on the priest, he bit with the most serious intentions. Well, it’s not for us to blame this pig – one might think that in her place we would have acted differently! Ha!


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