Proshkin: “Vanguard ” is a very strong team


For questions after the match “Vanguard ” – “Ak Bars ” (1: 2) answers the defender “leopards ” Vitaly Proshkin:

– Was there any special mood for today’s match?

– “Vanguard ” is a very strong team, so the mood was, of course, fighting. In this round, we wanted to decide the fate of the first place in the regular season, not to postpone it for subsequent matches.

– If the score remained 1: 1, would you be upset or would you be satisfied with this result?

– Not. On the road against such a team and a draw is a good result.

– How would you rate the work of the chief arbiter? Gave it to play?

– I think yes. There were very few deletions today. Maybe there were two, three points. And so everyone tried to play clean.

– Is Zinoviev’s appearance in the third link today an experiment, or is he simply not healthy?

– It’s all together. And the experiment, and not healthy. Smashed the top five to check how it will play. Because in the playoffs there will be completely different games. We can “grab “, play tightly, something may not work out. Therefore, you can try this version of the game in order to disperse attention.

– Does Alexey Morozov stay at the club at the end of the season?

– He has a three-year contract. Probably two more seasons will play in Kazan.

– And Danis Zaripov?

– Danis’s contract expires this year, so it’s not known yet.

How would you rate your play in the majority? Collect points in almost every match.

– Of course, we practice it all in training. We have been playing in the same top five for the second year already, so we already feel each other, we succeed.

– Would you like to play overseas if you receive an invitation?

– It’s too early to talk about it. You need to perform with dignity both in the Russian championship and at the world championship. Well, if you’re invited, you can try. Everything will depend on the games at the World Cup.

– A few words about goalkeepers. Don’t have a main goalkeeper on your team?

– Not. The guys play practically through the game.

– Do you think it will be easier to play in the first round of the playoffs with Vityaz or Novokuznetsk Metallurg?

– We need to beat everyone. Moreover, we took first place in the “regular season “. We don’t care who to play against.

– Any plans? To become the champion of the country again?

– Sure. True, it is always more difficult to defend. But why don’t we repeat last year’s result again.

– How do you like the Omsk fans?

– Today they deafened us with their shouts. We were well ill.

How would you rate the chances of the Russian national team at the upcoming World Cup?

– Our team is strong, especially since we play at home. On the one hand, the responsibility is very great, on the other, help. Therefore, there are chances.

Who do you think will be the number one goalkeeper in the national team?

– According to the newspapers, they want to invite Khabibullin. If he doesn’t come, Koshechkin and Eremenko will probably play.

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