Rapper Husky’s wife: who is she?


The last week, domestic rap has lived an eventful life like never before, and all thanks to the rapper Husky, who first arrested and then released… The threat to one representative of the musical movement has rallied its most disparate representatives. Thus, Oksimiron staged a concert in support of Husky, even though, in his own words, he does not share “a large number of his views and actions.” And that’s really great.

But we understand that only the support of the beloved woman can be better than the support of the rap community. Looks like the Husky has both. After all, for a year now he has been legally married to an actress, a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School and Dmitry Brusnikin’s workshop, Alina Nasibullina. The 28-year-old actress not only plays in theater and cinema, she constantly cuts performances, photographs and descriptions of which can be found on her website… By the way, Alina’s cooperation with her husband is not limited to personal relationships.

Alina and Dmitry (yes, you will be surprised, but Husky is not the rapper’s real name; his name is Dmitry Kuznetsov) starred in the film “Crystal” by Belarusian director Daria Zhuk. Moreover, when Husky was arrested, it became known that Crystal was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. For the first time in 22 years, a film from Belarus was awarded such a cinematic honor. Exclusive stills from the film look here

In general, as you know, we could not pass by Alina’s Instagram. And even less could they let you pass by. So go ahead to the 15 best photos of Husky’s wife.

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