Real Madrid became the champion of Spain, Sergio Ramos is the protagonist of Zidane’s team


In the 37th round of Examples, Real Madrid beat Villarreal with a score of 2: 1 and became the champion of Spain for the 34th time. After the resumption of the tournament, Madrid had no equal: they added, overtook Barcelona and deservedly took gold.

The main character in the championship “Real” is the captain Sergio Ramos

7 main people who made Real Madrid the champion

Returned Zidane, reborn Courtois, eternal Ramos and other heroes.

Ramos is the second Real Madrid scorer after Benzema. Defender updated his goal record

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at Ramos’ statistics is his crazy performance. In this La Liga draw, he set a personal record for goals in the championship. Ramos shipped as many as 10 goals to Real Madrid’s opponents. Sergio scored even more than Hazard, Vinicius, Vazquez, Bale and Isco combined. Now the captain of Madrid is the team’s second scorer after Benzema.

Moreover, Ramos became the first player to score goals in 17 consecutive years in the Spanish Championship. And in June, hitting the Sociedad goal, he came out on top in the list of the top scorers of La Liga defenders of all time.

“Ramos is phenomenal. Many years ago, we defenders had more opportunities to score, we often played in midfield. But Ramos’ accomplishments are unusual right now. Piquet scores quite a few goals, but Ramos is a real anomaly. His performance in Real Madrid and the Spanish national team is amazing, “ex-Real Madrid player admired Ramos Fernando Hierro

Of course, the defender scored 6 out of 10 of his goals from the penalty spot. However, this fact hardly diminishes the merits of Ramos. Firstly, the penalty kicks still need to be realized – Sergio never missed from a point. Secondly, as many as 4 goals from the Spaniard became victorious – in matches with Osasuna, Eibar, Getafe and Athletic (3 of these meetings took place after the tournament resumed, when Real Madrid was making a league breakthrough). This figure is 12th in the Spanish Championship and, of course, the best among defenders.

Zidane was going to build the game around Azar. But even without him he took the championship. How did it happen?

It was a very strange season.

Ramos is the leader of Real Madrid’s defense. “Without him, Varane, Carvajal and Marcelo seem like schoolchildren.”

Ramos’s defensive stats are far from outstanding this season. On average, he wins 7 single combats per match (2nd place in Real Madrid) and 4.7 single combats in the air (2nd place), makes 2.5 tackles (7th place), 6 interceptions (2nd place) and 2.9 clearance (2nd place), and also, as usual, quite often makes scoring mistakes (14).

Photo: Diego Souto / Getty Images

Nevertheless, the value of the Spaniard should not be determined by statistical indicators – he was never famous for them. The main quality of Ramos is the ability to be a leader. Few people like Sergio can rally the defense, give it confidence, and also encourage defense partners to progress.

Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini recently spoke about this. He can definitely determine who is really good on the defensive.

“Sergio Ramos is the best defender in the world. They say he is an impulsive player, not a tactician, and he concedes 8-10 goals every season due to his own mistakes. But he is extremely technical and can easily be an attacker. The power that he transfers to partners just by being on the pitch is incredible. Without him, such big champions as Varane, Carvajal and Marcelo seem to be schoolchildren, they regress sharply and Real becomes a team without protection. I bet any money that with Ramos in defense, Real Madrid would not have conceded three goals from Ajax in last year’s Champions League, “Chiellini assured.

Now, led by Ramos, Real Madrid’s defense is incredible. Madrid have a great chance to finish the championship for the first time in the 21st century, conceding less than 30 goals.

The most dedicated footballers in the top 10 leagues in the world. Akinfeev is higher than Ramos and Messi!

The list includes two defenders of Real Madrid and two Russian goalkeepers.

Ramos is a real captain. Protected Bale, supported Zidane and motivated the team

As befits a real leader, Ramos dragged the team not only on the field.

Even before the start of the championship, he tried to motivate the team for a good season. After the defeat in the International Champions Cup match against Atlético (3: 7) Sergio did not limit himself in expressions.

“Feeling disgusting. But we are just starting the season. We perceived the match as friendly, Atlético treated it differently. The account is too large. We fucked up. You can lose in different ways, but not so. I believe in the team. If I had even one percent of doubts, I would have left first, ”Ramos said.

At the beginning of the season, when Real was in a fever, the defender again took the floor. After a draw in the Champions League match with Club Brugge (2: 2), the Spaniard publicly called on his partners to play better.

“We had a terrible first half, but in the second half we showed the courage and perseverance that fans expect of us. We must play better, we must score more. This is obvious, ”the defender argued.

When, due to the nondescript start of the Madrid club in the Example and the Champions League, rumors began to appear about the possible resignation of Zinedine Zidane and the appointment of Jose Mourinho, Ramos supported his coach.

“Regarding the possible return of Mourinho, Zidane and I, despite the previous results,” said Sergio.

In addition, Ramos has repeatedly supported partner Gareth Bale, who received a wave of criticism last year for his nondescript game and his addiction to golf.

“I think Bale is a great footballer. He has always been very important to the club. You can find a lot of things about him in the press. Some information is correct, some is not. We live in such a world, but we must try to be above all this. Bale’s passion for golf? Regardless of what each player does in his personal life, I think his hobbies should be respected and not even discussed. We are free to do what we want in our free time, ”Ramos said.

Bale pretends to be asleep and teases journalists. What does all this mean?

Real Madrid wants to terminate the contract with him.

Already at the finish line Examples, when Real Madrid were accused of “working with the judges”, Ramos had to “turn on” again. The Spaniard rejected these speculations and helped the team take the gold calmly, protecting it from unnecessary shocks.

“It’s normal that there is so much noise around us. It appears because we are in the lead. Before that, no one spoke so much. I don’t think that the judges make decisions in anyone’s favor. It seems that Real Madrid should thank the judges for their leadership, but let the smaller people invent. The championship cannot be won or lost because of the judges. We do not need to thank the judges for their leadership in the Example. They did not affect the championship race “, – said Sergio Ramos

Ramos is a super athlete. At 34, he is third in playing time at Real Madrid

See you with Villarreal Sergio Ramos played for Real Madrid in 33 matches and spent a total of 2881 minutes on the field. Only Casemiro (2940 minutes) and Benzema (3004 minutes) played more than him for Madrid. But Ramos turned 34 in March.

At this age, regular additional training helps the defender to endure such loads and stay with the team throughout the season.

Sergio is a true gym fan. In order to be convinced of this, it is enough just to look at his “instagram”. There, in addition to personal photos of the defender, you will see how Ramos runs on the treadmill, pulls himself up on the horizontal bar, raises the barbell and does other exercises.

Recently, the defender posted a photo of himself after an intense training session. Agree, the physical form of Ramos is no worse than that of Ronaldo.

“Ramos is getting incredible results. He gives all his strength for the team – in the gym, in the locker room and on the field. I always see in him a spirit for improvement in everything. He demonstrates an excellent attitude to business.

Sergio will break Iker Casillas’ record for the most caps for the national team. Ramos wants to keep playing until he’s 40 and I think he’ll succeed because he is incredible in every way, ”former Spain coach Robert Moreno praised the defender.

Not surprisingly, with this approach to business, Ramos celebrates the championship with Real for the fifth time.

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