Real Madrid became the Spanish champion 34 times. Media reaction


What they say and write about the Real Madrid championship

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Messi is angry. What they say and write in Spain about the Real Madrid championship

Catalans are indignant and sad at the same time, Madrid people admire Zidane.


This morning, all the Spanish media say only one thing: Real Madrid became the champion of Spain for the 34th time. Round to the end, with 86 points. The second is Barcelona, ​​which even before quarantine competed with Real Madrid for first place, and then only lost points. In the penultimate round, they lost to Osasuna (1: 2), and Lionel Messi, as the Spaniards write, “broke through.”

“Real” has done its job, – quotes Messi Mundo Deportivo. – They did not lose points after the resumption of the championship. This is very worthy. We also helped them become champions – we lost points where we were supposed to win. We need to analyze everything, starting with ourselves. We are Barça and we have a responsibility to win every game. Today’s game shows what year we have had. Roma, Liverpool … The fans are starting to lose their patience because we are not giving them anything. If we want to fight for the Champions League, a lot needs to change. If we continue this way, we will not succeed in European competitions – we will not even beat Napoli. It didn’t work out in the league anymore.

At the end, Messi apologized to the fans:

“People will surely be very upset and angry about what has happened this season. It’s okay – so are we. ”

Messi exploded and Madrid is champion

“The best that can be said about this LaLiga season is that it’s finally over,” writes Sport.

The media, which is tacitly called Catalan, with sadness and disappointment talks about the championship of Real Madrid: “Madrid won the title thanks to the mistakes of the referees and Barcelona.

In another article of the same publication, we are talking about VAR: Real Madrid became the champion in the penultimate round. A league in which VAR was the main character, especially in the moments of helping Madrid. In many matches after the break, the “creamy” always received positive decisions from VAR in their favor, which constantly caused a lot of controversy. There are many opponents who have suffered from these decisions: Eibar, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Mallorca, Getafe, Alaves and Villarreal. So winning the 34th title is very controversial. “

“Real is the champion of VAR”

Zidane was going to build the game around Azar. But even without him he took the championship. How did it happen?

It was a very strange season.

At Madrid Marca, the position is different: “The coronavirus pandemic made Real Madrid’s 34th championship the most special, and not just because of the circumstances. It also confirms that solidarity, sacrifice and team spirit make a team a champion. Zinedine Zidane’s task turned out to be much more serious than the one that was presented to him at the time of taking office. He accepted the command without any confidence, but completely, with all the problems. The disappointing last season called into question the backbone of the team: Courtois, Marcelo, Modric, Kroos, Bale … The French coach invested in almost everyone, and the result was outstanding. “

Ramos is the protagonist of the championship Real Madrid: the best in defense and scored 10 goals!

Sergio at 34 is phenomenal. He breaks records and scores almost the most in the team.

There is also in the article about VAR, whose decisions are so harshly condemned by their colleagues from the other part of the country: “The players knew how to isolate themselves from the noise, sometimes unbearable, that grew after the decisions of the VAR. Undoubtedly, some played into the hands of Real Madrid. But it is also irrefutable that players have always followed the rules to avoid making decisions that would have been unfair without the video. ”

“During the reign of Barça, it was repeated like a mantra that the League crowns the best. Well, now it’s Real Madrid. Best”.

7 main people who made Real Madrid the champion

Returned Zidane, reborn Courtois, eternal Ramos and other heroes.


The AS edition, also loyal to Real Madrid, admires Zidane in one of its articles: “11 titles. It is no longer just a flower, but real flora and fauna. Zidane went from Madrid to heaven, from the field to the coach’s bench. He is a legend squared. ”

“And this is 34!”

“Zidane knew how to handle the cards he had in his hands and was rewarded with the League with a taste of fame,” writes another AS author. – 34. One more. The old normality is back. “

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