Riot in Setun


At the end of last week, an explosion broke out in Setun: the Krylia players in an ultimatum form wrote letters to the club’s president Ralif Safin and the vice-mayor of Moscow in charge of sports, Valery Vinogradov. The team, which has not received a salary for more than three months, trying to remind of itself, decided to take a desperate step and even threatened to miss the next championship match.

Shalaev spreads his arms

On the eve of the Saturday match between Wings and Neftekhimik, the players of the Setun club presented an ultimatum to the club’s management: if they did not pay off their wage arrears by Monday, then the next day they would not go to training and the calendar match with Salavat Yulaev. Their patience has come to an end …

What’s the matter? F + X decided to sort out the revolutionary situation in a club with a glorious past and a hungry present.

The first interlocutor of the F + X correspondent was the new vice-president of Krylia Sovetov, Vladimir Shalaev, who has been working in the club for only a month.

– What’s going on, Vladimir Timofeevich?

– The players wrote a letter of demand addressed to the president of the club, – Shalaev answers. – Of course, they are tired of waiting for the weather by the sea. But we also need to understand: now there is no money. We ourselves are awaiting financial assistance from the Moscow Government, which has not yet been received. Well, we are not sitting idly by, we are looking for sponsors ourselves. But everything is not done so quickly …

Khairetdinov did not see the letter

We are trying to find out what the players are demanding, and how the bosses react to it, from Roman Khairetdinov, General Director of Wings.

“But I haven’t seen any letter in my eyes yet,” Khairetdinov stunned us with his answer. – I flew to Kazan to visit my relatives for the weekend, and was not present at the match with Neftekhimik.

– But the players owe a salary, they have the right to demand it.

– Well, how can I give it out if there is no money? I’m not an oligarch, and not the owner of the club, but just the same hired worker.

– Well, who is the owner?

– There used to be the Moscow Fuel and Energy Company (MOEK), but after the departure of Vice-Mayor Valery Shantsev from Moscow, everything changed. The entire structure of the club is being modernized. We are all together looking for new major investors. The main thing is that we have kept the club in the Super League and are playing in it. Not like Spartak …

– Well, what does the president of Wings of the Soviets Ralif Safin say?

– He is trying to do everything to get the team out of the crisis. On Saturday, February 17 at 10 a.m., Ralif Rafilovich met with the capital’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov at the city hall, and he promised on Monday to sign all the necessary papers so that the promised 100 million rubles would be transferred to our club’s accounts in the first quarter.

– And when will the money come?

– All debts to the team are about to be paid off.

– Well, what will happen to the palace?

– In a recent interview, Deputy Mayor of Moscow Valery Vinogradov promised that this issue would be resolved in the very near future. Documents for its purchase and transfer to the Krylia Sovetov club are being drawn up.


According to the Krylyshek players, for the past several months they have been promised a salary. But still no money and no. According to our information, the debt to the team is already more than three months. This is for the salary. And almost everyone was forced to forget about the issuance of bonuses.

Neither the farm club nor even the palace staff are paid. Debts from the club and arena rent. It is no coincidence that the lights are often turned off in Setun …

– The situation in the team is not good, – says one of the few remaining veterans, the main goalkeeper of the team Dmitry Yachanov. – Of course, everyone understands that receiving money from the Moscow government can take a long time. In a word, this matter is incomprehensible. So we all decided to act. The team wrote open letters to the president of the club Safin and the vice-mayor of Moscow Vinogradov. We demand to urgently pay off wage arrears …

– … Otherwise – a strike?

– Well, don’t be so categorical. Many guys love hockey and are devoted to it with all their hearts. They’ve all been playing for a long time. Many have families, but still no salary. Anyone will get tired of this state of affairs.

Money problems willy-nilly affect the game. Still, it is impossible to disconnect from them, completely concentrating on hockey. This weight hangs like a sword of Damocles at the level of consciousness.

Because of this, during the championship, seven players left the club – Pchelyakov, Gubin, Kvartalnov, Petrov, Kanarsky, Peretyagin, Dylevsky. Add here those who left Krylia at the end of last season: Ulyanov, Mamashev, Shafranov, Shamolin, Gordyuk. None of them would be in our way now. These are the sad things …


The head coach of Krylia Sovetov, appointed in January, Vyacheslav Anisin, after another defeat of the team by Neftekhimik, is clearly not inclined to explain who is right and who is wrong …

– Yes, the players came up to me and constantly asked: “When will they give the money?” – Anisin recalls. – The head of the team, Evgeniy Kukharzh, told me that the guys wrote a letter demanding to pay off the debt. But this is their right to get paid!

I myself cannot cover the debts, and this is not my duty. We are responsible for our sector – so that the team plays. And if a hockey player goes on the ice, he must discard everything that exists outside the ice.

– So if the money is not given, will the ultimatum be fulfilled?

– I do not know. But when I ask the players where their strong-willed qualities are, someone frankly admits to me: “Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, we don’t even have money for dinner …”

What can I demand from the guys after that?


Question: The Krylia Sovetov team is in a deep crisis. There are two acute problems: the palace is in limbo, and the promised help from the Moscow government never came.

– I am aware of this problem. The Wings of the Soviets palace, which now belongs to the VILS plant, will be bought out by the city authorities this year. There is a solution, and all the necessary documents are drawn up. With the help you are talking about, a resolution of the Moscow Government has also been adopted. In the coming days, I think the funds will be transferred. But in order to support not the team, but the Wings of the Soviets club, which includes, among other things, a children’s sports school.

Deputy Mayor of Moscow Valery VINOGRADOV on the Direct Line with MK Readers. February 13, 2007


The players of the Moscow ice hockey club Krylya Sovetov have repeatedly appealed to the club’s administration with a demand to pay off the back wages and bonuses. Unfortunately, these requirements were not met, and questions about the timing of debt repayment remained unanswered.

As we can see, the situation has reached an impasse, and we are forced to act with more decisive methods. If by February 20, 2006 the club’s debt to the players is not fully paid off, the players will not attend training sessions and go on the ice in the matches of the Russian ice hockey championship.

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