Round 56 review: early champion!


We begin our next review of the tour with a duel, which by definition bears the prefix “super”. Fans prepare for it in advance, experts give forecasts for it …

“Vanguard ” – “Ak Bars “

It’s nice that the match turned out to be not only central in terms of status, but also in terms of play. It doesn’t always happen. It is especially pleasant that such passions are simmering in the match, which, in its essence, did not decide anything from the point of view of the final layouts after the regular season. Not now, so in the next match, but “Ak Bars ” would have scored three points and won the regular season.

But it happened today, which can not but rejoice both the players of “Ak Bars ” and their many fans. After all, registration of an early championship in a match with a direct competitor, and even in his arena, is worth a lot.

This match showed a lot. First, “Ak Bars ” is able to withstand the pressure of such a strong opponent and make a result in the last minutes. Secondly, Bilyaletdinov’s wards can do this without rushing “headlong ” to throw the puck, but in cold blood, and just like a champion. Thirdly, victories come even when the head coach decided to experiment in the squad, which, however, did not affect the outcome of the confrontation. In exactly the same way, they did not affect Alexei Morozov, Sergei Zinoviev, who threw the decisive puck in a stunning solo passage, and Zhira, who could go forward without Morozov in a pair. There are many examples, but we’ll talk about this in a separate article before the playoffs.

“Vanguard ” – “Ak Bars “: incredible ending

For now, let’s continue.

ABOUT “Metallurgist “, which is from the glorious city of Magnitogorsk, located between Europe and Asia, I do not want to say much. Opponent – flew away from the Super League “Wings”. Victory in the obvious class 7: 2.

But the situation with “Salavatom “ much more interesting. The club from Ufa shows not only spectacular, but also selfless hockey. How many times “Salavat ” had to recoup during the match. And almost always it worked, it worked now. What a fight to the end! And what glasses are needed. The Ufa club retained the prestigious third position in the championship, and the unbeaten streak continued to exist and reached record figures. I would like to say a few words about the rival “Salavat ” for today’s match. “Tractor” – well done anyway. Plows and fights in an almost hopeless situation, the playoffs cannot be seen by the club from Chelyabinsk. Although the regional governor believed in this before the start of the match in Ufa in the possibility of reaching the playoffs, everything was already clear a week ago. Do not catch up with “Knight “. But the main thing is that they believed and fought.

Another outsider beating to the last – “Amur” – met with a paradoxical “Chemist “. The team lost the game this year – solid defeats! And this is for the team, which before 2007 actually claimed medals in the regular season! But then a record failure followed, and yesterday Pyotr Ilyich Vorobyov resigned, allegedly the legendary mentor was crippled by an illness. Or a colossal lose-lose streak of such an ambitious club near Moscow ?! Rather, both. And maybe health has deteriorated after such failures. But “Cupid ” – the 18th team of the Super League – has been playing much more spectacular hockey lately than “Chemist “. This is what the Khabarovsk club demonstrated in this match. And not only in this. Recently, Khabarovsk residents have been achieving certain spectacular successes!

Cherepovets “Severstal “ and Moscow “Dynamo” recently unites only close places in the standings, but not the results. Here, the “blue-white ” is a clear leap. Before the playoffs, Dynamo are becoming a real formidable force. “Severstal ” actually lost the chance to take the honorable eighth place, which allows to have the advantage of its own site in the relegation matches … And most importantly, the game at the Cherepovets club began to lame. The start of the match is often left to “Severstal “, but then the team “blown away “. So it was in the match with “Dynamo ” and today in the confrontation with “Lada “.

This was basically the 56th round of the Super League, the main result of which was a brilliant early championship of “Ak Bars ” following the results of the regular season!

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