RPL chose Utkin’s goal the best in July (although there was a blow by Bikfalvi over himself). How will you vote? – Russia 2020 – Blogs



Many disagree with the league.

RPL named the author of the best goal of July – as a rule, this award does not cause much interest, but this time the description resonated.

“The fans have chosen the best goal by Ivan Oblyakov (voting in the RPL community“ VKontakte ”- Sports.ru), the experts of“ Match Premier ”- the goal of Eric Bikfalvi. Decisive was the choice of RPL experts, who voted for the gorgeous blow of the Krasnodar player! ” – the announcement says.

In response to confusion in the comments, the league clarified the voting mechanism. Three points are distributed: one is brought by the fans, the other – by the channel’s experts, the third – by the league itself. If all three votes go to different goals, the winner is the ball that the league voted for.

And yet – let’s review all the nominee goals.

Which do you think is the best? Choose your winner at Sports.ru.

Photo: vk.com/fckrasnodar


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