RPL table after the resumption of the championship in June



Zenit is a champion here

Anatoly Romanov

“Coronavirus” RPL table. Zenit is a champion here

Rostov has turned from a challenger for the Champions League into one of the RPL outsiders.


The Russian Championship is over – the participants of the tournament finally took the places they deserved with their play throughout the season. However, in addition to the final table, it is interesting to look at another one, which can be called the “RPL coronavirus table”. It reflects how well coaches prepared their teams for the final part of the season after a three month break. The last eight rounds have finished in a little over a month. It was a new, exceptional experience for everyone.

Before analyzing the results of RPL clubs in June-July, let us recall how the places are determined in case of equality of points for two or more teams. Here is an extract from the regulations:

– based on the results of games among themselves;
– by the largest number of victories in all matches;
– by the best difference between goals scored and conceded in all matches;
– by the highest number of goals scored in all matches.

The first item for the “RPL coronavirus table” automatically disappears, since in the last eight rounds the teams could not play twice against each other. So if the points are equal, we first look at the victories, then the goal difference and the number of goals. Here’s what happened:

During these eight rounds, Zenit and Lokomotiv not only held the first and second places, respectively, but also proved their superiority over the rest. Only the teams of Sergei Semak and Marko Nikolic did not suffer a single defeat. Petersburgers, despite winning gold medals ahead of schedule, retained their motivation and continued to win even with the second squad. In June-July, the champion beat CSKA (4: 0), Krylya Sovetov (2: 1), Tambov (2: 1), Krasnodar (4: 2), Sochi (2: 1), Orenburg (4: 1) and Rostov (2: 1). Only “Akhmat” took away points from the blue-white-blue in Grozny, having played in a draw (1: 1).

The results of the “railroad workers” are a little more modest – four wins and four draws. To some extent lucky with the calendar: six out of eight matches, including five at home, Lokomotiv played in Moscow. Be that as it may, Nikolic coped with perhaps the most difficult task from a psychological point of view – he did not fail to start working with the team after the departure of Yuri Semin. Let his successes be perceived as “Palych’s baggage” for now. For the Serb, of course, all that matters is that he plays in the Champions League.

“Spartak” paid off debts? There were three penalties in the match against Rubin – we analyze the work of the referees

Arbiter Igor Fedotov praises Pavel Kukuyan.

Zenit has the best attack at the finish of the season (21 goals scored), Lokomotiv has the best defense (only four conceded goals). On the other pole there are Orenburg and Akhmat. Orenburg residents for eight rounds before the end of the season took 13th place, and finished last. We scored only two goals! True, they played less, having received two “techies”. Igor Shalimov’s team managed to miss even more Rostov in the summer, which got 1:10 in Sochi! Akhmat’s goal was attended by 17 goals: four from CSKA and Krasnodar, three from Spartak, two from Krylia Sovetov, one each from Sochi, Arsenal, Tambov and Zenit. However, Shalimov more or less adjusted the attack. Thanks to three victories, Akhmat left the bottom of the table, swapping places with Orenburg.

In addition to Orenburg, Sochi also earned two bagels. More precisely, Tambov has already received a 3: 0 victory over the team of Vladimir Fedotov, and we recorded the result of the canceled match with Wings of the Soviets in the table, without waiting for the official announcement of the “techie”. Nevertheless, unlike Orenburg residents, the Sochi residents scored the required number of points to survive in the RPL.

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The Moscow Region club will still play in the Premier League.

CSKA played enough in the summer to qualify for the Champions League from third place, but Krasnodar, at best, played at the level of a Europa League participant. And even then thanks to the cancellation of the match with Orenburg: Krasnodar, without entering the field, won a 3-0 win. If Musaev’s team had been content with a draw in Orenburg or even lost, it would have fallen into the RPL outsider group. This decline worries before the start of the bulls in the Champions League.

By the way, in this group of outsiders there is another future participant of European competitions – “Rostov”. Valery Karpin’s team has only one victory in eight rounds. Only “Tambov” performed worse than the Rostovites, having beaten only Spartak (if we forget about the “techie”), and “Orenburg”.

On the contrary, the rise of “Rubin” under the leadership of Leonid Slutsky is impressive. Kazan in June-July played enough for the Europa League, surpassing Krasnodar with Rostov, and Dynamo with Spartak. Apparently, next season it is really worth expecting a lot from Rubin.


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