“Salavat Yulaev ” – “Ak Bars “: the battle at Ufa


Of course, before the start of the next round of the Super League, one of the central confrontations of the tour could be considered the match in which the brilliantly performing “Salavat Yulaev ” took on the ice the best club in Russia and Europe, Kazan “AK Bars “.

The intrigue in the match was twisted even before the start of the match. First, Kazan has never defeated the Ufa club this season (one draw 2: 2 and the victory of Salavat 5: 3). Secondly, one of the leaders of “Ak Bars ” Alexei Morozov, having a brilliant season, never once in the last three years (since he returned from the NHL) has not upset the goalkeepers of “Salavat “. Thirdly, the Ufa club, which is in fourth position in the standings, plays extremely well with clubs from the top three ( “AK Bars “, “Vanguard “, “Magnitka “), without losing to them this season never. Therefore, we could expect today the completion of this impressive series of the Ufa club. We could expect that the champion will interrupt another much more impressive series of “Salavat ” – the Ufa team has not lost since November 12 last year …

Well, what an intrigue twisted in the match with the beginning of the first throw-in in the central zone! From the first minutes a sharp and active struggle ensued. From the very first moments of the game, the hockey players raised the pace of the match to a very high level.

This super confrontation, which took place, of course, in front of the full stands of the regional sports palace, began with dangerous throws by the guests. Zhiroud and Tereshchenko, one after the other, “fired ” the owners’ gates, but in each case, the goalkeeper of “Salavat ” Andrey Mezin was at his best. Kazan, as always, planned to deal with the rival in the first minutes. And, despite the rare counterattacks of the Ufa club, the hockey players of “AK Barsa” were still holding the threads of the game in their hands, which was reflected on the scoreboard by the 9th minute of the match.

Morozov gives a brilliant transfer to Zinoviev, who just sends the puck into the gate “Salavat Yulaev ” – 0: 1.

As practice and statistics show, if “AK Bars ” scores first, then it is extremely difficult to recoup, especially if the hockey players of the Kazan club are allowed to play. But honor and praise to the owners for the fact that they did not allow this to be done, and immediately after the missed puck they responded with a striking attack.

Teeth from a zero angle sent the puck into the gate of the taken aback Noronen – 1: 1.

After that, the residents of Ufa, driven by their own spectators led by the leaders of the Republic of Bashkiria, staged a real assault on the gates of “AK Bars “, the apotheosis of which was Zubov’s failure to enter the half-empty gates of the guests …

And the players of “Ak Bars ” took advantage of their opportunities in full.

Played in the best traditions of the game in the majority, the combination ended with a blow by the same Sergei Zinoviev – 1: 2.

At the very beginning of the second half, “leopards ” brought their advantage to two goals.

Another beautifully played combination ended with the “shooting” of Tereshchenko’s gate Mezin – 1: 3.

And it seemed all over. If not for two “but “. First, let us repeat, the fact that the Ufa team is not losing to the leaders this season did not give way. And secondly, the main thing is that “Salavat ” is an extremely uncompromising team with a remarkable character, capable of playing both two and three goals. And not only for the middle peasant, but even, as it turns out, for the “Ak Bars “. And not only to recoup, but also to come out ahead …

The hosts raised the pace, fought on every meter of the site, for which they received a reward.

Konstantin Koltsov, in a crazy counterattack, single-handedly pushed through first Giraud, then Proshkin, and finally, in the fall, he sent the puck into the corner of the goal of the best club in Russia and Europe! 2: 3.

After that, the stands of the Palace of Sports became noticeably more active, and it raced “Ufa, Ufa “, and the much more legendary “Puck, puck “. The energy of the spectators was automatically transferred to the players, and vice versa.

A very funny episode happened in the middle of the first half. For some time, the teams played two-on-two after three hockey players from each team were simultaneously on the penalty bench. The result is the so-called “beach hockey “.

Well, after the teams became full again, the ice owners continued to bend their line, storming the guests’ gates. Hockey players “Ak Bars ” were in a very unusual state, they clearly did not expect that the opponent so quickly “come to his senses ” and will not stop storming their gates. And “Salavat “, in fact, never ceased to plant itself on the gate of Noronen. The course of the game was completely controlled by the Ufa hockey players. And in the last second of the second period, Konstantin Koltsov puts a spectacular point after forty minutes of the game – 3: 3. Having played well on finishing moves, the hosts’ forward made a “double ” and inflated the intrigue to the limit!

Eight minutes of the final period have passed and Koltsov makes a hat-trick.

This happened after a series of gross and unexpected mistakes on the part of the hockey players of “AK Bars”, after which the forward of “Salavat” picks up the puck at the guests’ goal, and then gracefully beats Noronen. And already 4: 3. But in the middle of the second dvadtsatiminutki Kazan had an advantage of two goals !!! Ah yes “Salavat “!

And yet, “AK Bars ” – the champion of Russia and Europe, after all, Zientula Bilyalitdinov’s wards can gather at the decisive moment. They went to the assault and achieved their goal even without the help of Zinoviev, who was sent to the penalty box for 10 minutes for a disciplinary fine.

So 4: 4.

Kazan won back its own, and turned the course of affairs into overtime, which did not reveal a winner, and passed very quietly and calmly, almost without emotions that were left behind. The match, as expected, turned out to be very entertaining.

Even too much. It can be baptized as a “psychological thriller “.

Kazan took possession of the territorial advantage and took the lead in two goals. It seemed that the job was done, but then the owners inflict a psychological blow, leveling the score (despite the fact that the third puck was scored with a siren) and stepping forward. “Ak Bars ” is not used to recouping, but he has a huge class, which was reflected at the end of the meeting. The initiative passed from one hand to another, therefore a draw – the result is quite natural.

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