“Seductive blonde with huge breasts” – that’s what Charlotte McKinney calls herself



American actress and model Charlotte McKinney rose to fame thanks to Instagram, although her path to Internet fame was not easy. At first, Charlotte tried her hand at acting, but did not go further than inconspicuous episodic roles. Then Charlotte went into the world of fashion, but there, too, success avoided her. (To be honest, we are amazed: that the people who worked with the girl had a completely atrophied sense of beauty ?!)

It was then that, fed up with rejection and desperate to achieve fame the old fashioned way, Miss McKinney resorted to new technologies – she began to post her seductive photos on Instagram. Here the triumph was not long in coming: every day thousands of new users subscribed to Charlotte (now the model has as many as 1.3 million subscribers).

The success on the Web was followed by the success she longed for in the real world: McKinney vied with each other to invite her to shoot for magazines and movies. So, the girl starred in the freshest “Rescuers Malibu”. In an interview with American Esquire, Charlotte called herself “a seductive blonde with huge breasts.” Obviously, it is in these four words that the secret of the girl’s well-deserved success lies.

We hasten to share with you 20 of the best photos from Charlotte McKinney’s Instagram. We also recommend subscribing to the model so as not to miss something really important in the future (like another topless photo).


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