For some time now, beer in “Yubileiny” has ceased to be sold. So, hockey fans were forced to fill up with a foamy drink before the game with Neftekhimik. The stalls and shops closest to the Sports Palace served as pit stops. After that, not everyone who wanted to watch the game could choose the right route and turned off to Petrovsky. Those who did get there were in for a pleasant surprise: the beer at Yubileiny was flowing like a river. “>


So the most popular was the phrase: “Guys, I can’t believe my eyes, they’re selling beer again.” But the joy was short-lived: the army team lost to the guests from Tatarstan with a crushing score of 1: 6. And the most offensive thing is that the team from the banks of the Neva did not deserve such a result.

Dissatisfied with the performance of the top three, SKA coach Yuri Leonov seemed ready to advertise in the newspaper: “A left-handed striker in the first line is required.” This time Khlebnikov was lucky to play with Sushinsky.

“Gusev, give the puck to Gusev!” – the whole game begged from the podium some tipsy fan of the defender SKA. When Gusev was not on the site, he knocked his feet on the floor and demanded to immediately release his pet on the ice. He was having fun, apparently, because at first nothing foreshadowed the defeat in Yubileiny. Despite the fact that the army team conceded first in the 8th minute, the guests did not have an obvious advantage, rather the opposite: Emeleev, Sushinsky and Booth at the end of the period did not allow Vehanen to catch his breath. “>



However, in the opening of the second twenty minutes, the puck flew into Sokolov’s goal.

Passions heated up so much that Nikolishin managed to stretch his right hand, knocking on the head of one of the defenders of “Neftekhimik” almost more agile than a boxer on a pear.

The second missed goal did not bother the army men: they piled on the opponent’s goal and in the 34th minute pushed the puck behind the Finnish goalkeeper. However, after a couple of minutes, the guests realized the exit five in three. At the end of the third period, the army team “crumbled” at all – three goals were conceded in three minutes.

Maybe you really should have given the puck to Gusev?



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