“Spartak” wrote an open letter to the head of the RFU refereeing department Viktor Kashshai


Spartak wrote an open letter

Anatoly Romanov

“Already accepting bets on canceling our goal.” Spartak’s angry letter to Kashshai

The Moscow club demands an explanation from the head of the RFU refereeing department.


“Spartak” wrote an open letter to the head of the RFU refereeing department Victor Kashshai… Before examining it, let us recall the situation as a result of which this document could appear at all. Recently, Spartak has a lot of complaints about refereeing. After every match.

The last straw was the cup semi-final in St. Petersburg, where not all the decisions of the referees were obvious either.

At the same time, after the game, Kashshai himself said that he was satisfied with the work of the refereeing team and did not think that mistakes were made in the game.

“Judge Ivanov did a good job, I liked what he did. Yes, it was not without mistakes, but he strictly gave yellow cards. He did not punish with yellow during the skirmish and did not assign a penalty for Zenit himself – this is his biggest mistake in the match. But VAR fixed it. In general, he controlled the match well, I support the rest of his decisions, ”Kashshai told reporters on 20 July.

A day later, a letter from “Spartak” appeared. We read.

Open letter from “Spartak” to the head of the RFU refereeing department Viktor Kashshai

Six months ago, you took over as head of the refereeing department of the Russian Football Union. At that time, the Premier League clubs had a large number of questions about referee decisions and the use of VAR technology.

We hoped that with your arrival the situation would change, but in the spring part of the season, Spartak regularly becomes the subject of controversial situations, the number of which is already approaching two dozen.

In eight games after the season resumed, the referees used video replays eight times, and all eight times made decisions not in favor of Spartak.

As a result, 4 goals and one penalty were canceled in favor of “Spartak”, as well as a goal against our goal and a penalty was awarded. Another goal was canceled in the game against Tambov, where VAR was basically absent.

In some cases, the referees ignored the very possibility of resorting to replays. In the games against Lokomotiv (1: 1) and Sochi (0: 1), this directly affected the result. At the same time, the head coach of the team, Domenico Tedesco, received a long disqualification for disagreeing with the decisions of the referee.

The situation continued in the cup game against Zenit, following which Spartak asked the RFU referee committee to assess four episodes.

The rules for using the VAR are a “gray area” and their application by the chief arbiters of the match is not obvious. We ask Leonid Kaloshin, responsible for the implementation of the video replay system, explain why the referees at the VAR do not resort to video replays in cases of erroneous decisions of the head referee of the match

In the last rounds of the Russian championship and the Cup semi-final match, the bookmakers got a bet on canceling the Spartak goal in VAR with high odds 3.50 and 3.70. No other team in the Premier League has had a similar line.

In this regard, the question arises: who is interested in this? Why does such a line appear regularly only at Spartak matches?

Unfortunately, no detailed analysis of controversial moments in the match with Zenit and previous games was presented. From one of the most authoritative FIFA referees, I would like to hear comprehensive and detailed comments, based not on newspaper photographs and not on the private opinion of unnamed European judges.

We ask you to answer us the questions posed in the letter and respond to criticism of the quality of refereeing in Russian football, and in particular of our club’s matches, which is becoming a central topic in sports and socio-political media.

Board of Directors of the Football Club “Spartak-Moscow”

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