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Always strong. Always held in high esteem.

There are carries that have never been a tier 1 pick. For example, Phantom Assassin or Bloodseeker. The heroes from today’s selection taunt them, because they have historically been incredibly strong – we confirm with meta or statistics.

5. Faceless Void

Void was not strong in the early days of Dota, but he has never disappeared from tournament picks in 10 years. In addition, the hero’s public has always received a rating – there was no moment in the history of the game that a strong Void could not drag the rink.

By 2016, Void had become so strong that he could even be taken offlane, and he was still at his best. And at the last TI, Void was the hero of the first stage of picks.

Peaks of power: TI6, TI9.

Top players on Void: Universe, Ana

4. Luna

Only one carry in Dota history has a higher win rate (52.45% win rate over 3600 matches). At the same time, her builds and buildup changed greatly depending on the era. Either she is a leith-carry, vacuuming the forest, then she collects cheap artifacts and goes to break the throne at the twentieth.

But there was also that terrible time when the Moon was a blank for the Shadow Demon.

And then there were very strange (and still working!) Moons through Aghanim. She can now be played with any build and will still be strong. One drawback did not allow her to be raised higher – Luna is too commanding a hero for publics, and they do not really like her there.

Peaks of power: TI6-TI7.

Top players on the moon: XBOCT, EternalEnvy, YaWaR.

3. Anti-Mage

Ditch the creep jokes! The fact that people in public take the Anti-Mage indiscriminately in every draft does not negate its power. Magina was always picked, Magina, unlike Luna, never cheated on himself and his build.

Yes, this is not a universal carry. But this is a carry who has won the rink for every dota at least once in a solo. This is a carry who made several legendary players famous at once. And yes, he so often merges games for you precisely because the players strive to repeat the miracles that professionals do on him, but cannot.

Peaks of power: always was a worthy pick, was not imba.

Top players on Anti-Mage: Burning, Black, Mushi.

2. Lycan

And here is the one who has won tournaments more often than other carries. Yes, and he breaks the public even now. Lycan is one of the few heroes, due to which Valve changed not only the hero himself, but artifacts (F for Nekra) and even map objects (strengthening the towers).

Lycan won 55% of professional matches, and this is basically the second best in the game – only Chen has more. Largely because Lhikan gets to the twenty-second peak, when they see the helplessness of the opponent against a rushing wolf with beautiful paws.

Peak Strength: patch 7.26

Top players on Lycanthrope: MATUMBAMAN, Arteezy, Silent.

1. Terrorblade

Someone, like Jothme, rates patches on the strength of Midas. Someone first of all pays attention to what is more profitable to farm: Maelstrom or BF? Valve seems to be measuring patches in TB strength.

If you look at the history of Dota patches after the release of Terrorblade, the graph of its strength will be built in a perfect wavy line. At the same time, at the extremum points these will be the states of “unplayable shit” and “who managed to take, he won.” And even with such leaps, he has an abnormal 52.4% of wins.

Each time, players spend weeks trying to find 2-3 working options that have a chance to defeat him. And it’s not a fact that this chance works. Remember that mockery of Nykes, which was collected through lightning and radic in order to fight TB with at least magical damage? And the magical Mirana with Dagon and Ezerial?

Any carry must be able to play on TB if he is going to play at the professional level for at least a couple of seasons. Because without it, your drafter will be too difficult. And most importantly: when Terrorblade is in the game for more than twenty minutes, he immediately becomes a raid boss until the end of the game, unlike similar carries. Phantom Lancer is easier to strangle on the lane (he cannot go into the forest on the fourth level), Naga is not so strong when the enemy core also gets six slots.

By the way, now TB is on the mountain again.

Peak Strength: once a year.

Top TB players: Miracle, Ame, Ramzes.

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