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Belarusian volleyball players are famous for their beauty for a reason: at the end of April in instagram “Tribunes” voted for the title of the most beautiful girl in belsport. Athletes from different sports clashed in the struggle of audience sympathy, but it was the volleyball player who won. She became Daria Avramchik.

The main beauty of Belsport, according to the readers of Tribuna, is from volleyball. Meet Daria Avramchik

In addition to Daria, there are many beautiful athletes in belvolleyball, you can meet some of them here 👇🏻

10 beautiful Belarusian volleyball players

The Belarusian championship, unfortunately, is unable to keep all the beauties. Some of them leave their native championship in search of a new challenge.

In mid-May, the news reported that the diagonal of the Mogilev “Kommunalnika-MGU” Anastasia Shupeneva will soon leave the team and go to legionary bread. By data “Pressball”, the athlete is close to signing a contract with the Chelyabinsk VK Dynamo-Metarcoached by the Belarusian specialist Sergei Chesnovitsky.

In ordinary life, Anastasia loves dogs very much and tries to spend as much time as possible with her dog Aidar. She hopes that in the future, when she starts a family, there will definitely be a place for a four-legged pet.

Shupenev is far from timid. In her career, she faced injuries that were not the most pleasant for a girl. Blows to the nose and concussion are some of them.

On her Instagram, the girl said that she does not like to spend time on social networks Vkontakte and Facebook, considering it a waste of time. But to share a beautiful photo with her followers on Instagram, judging by her profile, the athlete does not mind.

Let’s see who the Belarusian club volleyball may soon lose.

Photo: Instagram Anastasia Shupeneva, Anastasia Shupeneva (VKontakte)


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