The battle for the third place of Krasnodar and CSKA: predictions for the matches of the 30th round of the RPL



The battle for the third place of Krasnodar and CSKA: forecast

Pavel Prokhorov

“I would like CSKA to bypass Krasnodar. Predictions for the 30th round of the RPL

Will CSKA be able to bypass Krasnodar in the match for third place? This is the main intrigue of the last round of the RPL.


Another not too successful round in our prediction competition nevertheless put an end to the fight for the first place.

Correspondent “Championship” Pavel Levkovich guessed the difference in the match “Ural” – “Arsenal”, as well as the outcome of the games “Spartak” – “Akhmat”, “Zenit” – “Orenburg” and “Lokomotiv” – CSKA. 6 points.

Valery Gladilin predicted the difference in the games “Wings of the Soviets” – “Krasnodar” and “Zenit” – “Orenburg”, plus the outcome of the meeting “Tambov” – “Sochi”. 7 points.

Vladislav Didenko from Krasnodar also scored 7 points in the round. He guessed the difference in the Krylya Sovetov – Krasnodar and Rubin – Rostov matches, as well as the outcome of the Tambov – Sochi game.

Thus, the difference between the team of readers and the pursuers has not diminished and is now 16 points. It is very difficult to win back such a gap in one round, especially considering the fact that such a result was shown only four times this season.

Table after the 29th round
Readers – 257
Specialists – 241
Journalists – 237

Forecast of specialists

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, ex-player of the Russian national team:

Rostov – Zenit – 1: 1
The feeling that “Rostov” will not be able to defeat “Zenith”, and the blue-white-blue will not really “pull the veins from the heart”.

Krasnodar – Akhmat – 2: 1
Krasnodar lost the last game, so I don’t think they will have the right to lose with their spectators.

CSKA – “Tambov” – 2: 0
I give the victory to the “army team” only because they are stronger.

CSKA is still buying Gaich. Transfer amount, salary and other details

CSKA invest very serious money in this transfer.

Dynamo – Orenburg – 2: 1
Everything is clear here. Orenburg have already taken off, so Dynamo will easily take three points.

Rubin – Spartak – 2: 1
I’ll bet the hosts to win. Slutsky has to build the right game, and Spartak is not in order now.

Spartak can break its anti-record. Main layouts before the last round of the RPL

CSKA can become both third and fifth.

Krylya Sovetov – Sochi – 3: 0

Ufa – Arsenal – 1: 0
It is difficult to predict here, as two “stubborn” teams meet. But still I will give the victory to Ufa, and they will score from a corner.

Ural – Lokomotiv – 1: 3
Ural doesn’t look very good, especially since Parfyonov left the club. Well, Lokomotiv will end the season with a victory.

5 “downed pilots” who took off at Khimki

Big clubs have written them off, and they have one foot in the RPL and two in the Cup final.

Readers’ forecast

Vasily Nesterov (Moscow):

Rostov – Zenit – 2: 1
Semak will release a mixed squad, and Rostov will play the last match of the season in a good mood.

Krasnodar – Akhmat – 1: 1
Krasnodar has been looking very weak lately, so I can easily assume that the team will lose points here too.

CSKA – “Tambov” – 2: 1
CSKA are fighting for the Champions League, and, frankly, I want them to bypass Krasnodar.

Dynamo – Orenburg – 2: 2
Two unmotivated teams, let there be a lot of goals and a beautiful match.

Rubin – Spartak – 1: 2
“Spartak” played great against “Akhmat”, all the latest controversial refereeing decisions angered the team and forced to fight in full.

“I made everyone look like fools and clowns!” Arbiter Fedotov went hard according to Kashshai

Yesterday the head of the refereeing department examined the controversial episodes in the match between Zenit and Spartak.

Krylya Sovetov – Sochi – 3: 0

Ufa – Arsenal – 1: 0
At home, Ufa should take three points.

Ural – Lokomotiv – 1: 1
Here I will bet on a combat draw.

Journalists’ forecast

Anton Tretyak, “Championship” columnist:

Rostov – Zenit – 1: 2
In the end, Rostov completely crumbled, but Zenit intends to end the season with a Cup victory. Semak correctly rotates the squad, the team is in good physical shape.

Krasnodar – Akhmat – 2: 1
I think that in the last round Krasnodar will take 3 points and get a ticket to the Champions League qualification.

CSKA Moscow – Tambov – 3: 1
And CSKA will win their match.

Dynamo – Orenburg – 2: 0
Orenburg will hardly be able to play with full gear in this match. Dynamo, which will definitely be sixth, has no better situation. But the Moscow team is superior and plays at home.

Rubin – Spartak – 2: 2
“Spartak” is unpredictable, plus the team is constantly canceling goals. It will be curious. I’ll bet on a draw and a lot of goals.

“Already accepting bets on canceling our goal.” Spartak’s angry letter to Kashshai

The Moscow club demands an explanation from the head of the RFU refereeing department.

Krylya Sovetov – Sochi – 3: 0

Ufa – Arsenal – 0: 0
At home it is difficult for Ufa to play, it is difficult for Evseev’s team to be number one.

Ural – Lokomotiv – 2: 1
Ural, in a shake-up after the coach’s dismissal, will win against Lokomotiv, which does not need anything.


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