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Today I would like to do Attention, LIST best parts of the game series Assassin’s creed, this will not be a top, but just a list and a desire to advise the game for those who may not have passed it yet.

In 2018 comes Assassin’s creed odyssey, in 2017 Assassin’s creed originsand it’s all just a shame. With their own hands, who want to squeeze out as many bucks from donations as possible, as well as SJW paws UBOSOFT sink deeper and deeper in the eyes of gamers.

Many people may think that these are great games, because magazines and other publications praise the game so much, especially Odyssey, but this is all nonsense, as evidenced by the average user rating of 5.9 out of 10 (slowdown of pumping for donates in a $ 60 game for consoles and other poor details).

Johnny Depp story or yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

I would like to start with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag… This game is, of course, in my opinion, the best in the entire series. It’s history Edward Canuey really falls in love with the series, it is interesting, exciting, and thanks to the work of the writers AC4 does not let you get bored.

The plot is because the main character is tying the assassin’s costume and wants to use it for his material needs, and this is surprising, because before that such “simpletons” were not the main characters: Assassin’s creed showed us the history of different noble families and real warriors.

This is the most interesting part of the game: pirates must plow the seas, rob ships and, of course, have fun – all this is what is only about killing sharks with a harpoon, in the style of some horror films about underwater killers. The main disadvantage of the game, as many might think, is missions. They are super monotonous, as in the entire series, the gamer will follow and kill 90% of the time.

The story about the pirate came out very good, the gameplay pleases: at that time the game looks very very, the animations of the main character are pleasing to the eye.

I would like to tell you about some interesting facts about the game:

1. Animal rights activists announced that the game is propaganda for killing whales, but the creators joked about propaganda for a pirate lifestyle.

2. For all anime fans UBISOFT releases manga instead of a regular book or comic.

3. This is the first part of the series, where the protagonist has changed Desmond Miles

Indian to George Washington sidekick

A story about Connor Canuey(born under the name Radunhageydu, for obvious reasons I will not write like this) is one of the best in the entire series of games about assassin’s creed.

I would like to start from afar, with excuses. Many may disagree with me about this game, but for me this is the most NATIVE (not the best) Assassin’s creed… When I was a very small shkolotron, the whole horizon of games is – PSP and CS1.6, but my mother went on a business trip to St. Petersburg, and your faithful servant asked her to buy a disc with a new story of the assassin. At that time, I had a good laptop that ran the game very well, giving me a bunch of graphene and plot fun. Therefore, I most likely look through the prism of nostalgia.

Back to the story, the game throws us straight into the thick of Assassin’s (or not so) activity, forcing us to steal the pendant, simultaneously killing its owner. After all this, we go to the USA, where one plot twist turns everything upside down.

The game has a very cool openworld and plot. The study of the USA in the 18th century is very very interesting: Skirts We were able to very vividly convey everything, everything and everything, the plot keeps in suspense, it is a pleasure to watch it, and what is it worth B. Franklin, whom we help to collect the pages of the almanac.

I can’t please you with some interesting facts, but you can look at the dear cat – assassin

GTA in Italy

This is the best part of the entire series about assassin’s creed, according to society of course Assassin’s creed 2… What a cool Venice was there, buzz buzz buzz!

Perhaps, in conveying the atmosphere of a purebred assassin in medieval Europe, this is the best part of the series. Assassin’s Creed 2 really cool openworld: from any location you see some kind of attraction, and also nowhere without a valid parkour. Especially memorable is the ability to wield two blades, as well as an interesting combat, which is very unusual for a series Assassin’s creed, where each battle is two buttons, and do not forget that the enemies attack in turn (oooh yes realism).

The plot leaves much to be desired, it tells the story of a seventeen-year-old boy whose father and brother were hanged because of the betrayal of their colleague, but the main thing here is the process, all this Renaissance Italy is pure pleasure.

I would like to tell you about some interesting facts about the game:

  1. Assassin’s creed 2 leaked online a month before the release (playable version), there was even a Russian version available for download. Many players, seeing the still raw product, thought that the game would be the same. As you can imagine, this greatly affected sales, as the pirate was downloaded by about 700k users.
  2. The game has a reference to Mario, where the uncle says the famous: “It’s me, Mario.”

Every time there is pain in my soul, seeing these wretched attempts Yubikov in RPG, despite even a good graphic component of the last parts. I hope that the series will return, but definitely not with the release of a new game – Assassin’s creed valhalla… After all the gameplay videos, we see that nothing has changed, and we, the fans of this beautiful series, just have to wait.

Thank you for reading my article, put the pluses and comment, I will be happy to answer each of you.

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