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From the Editor: you are on the “Didn’t score a penalty!” Its author Turul talks a lot about the hardships of Russian football, and now he shares a very funny story from London: his friend now and then collides with football celebrities on the streets, and they do not refuse photos.

I have a good friend: he has lived in London for a long time, works as a self-employed builder. The British are quite conservative comrades – so my friend has a store in Kensington, which he paints every two years for a long time. Over the past years, my acquaintance has constantly met quite famous people on this small street.

The comrade does not particularly burden these passers-by with requests to be photographed for memory, but when he feels that his request does not bother anyone, he asks. Still, it’s nice to take photographs as a souvenir, so that you can carefully examine them later.

He shared with me some of his photos, and I can show them to users.

Roman Abramovich in 2007, he was still full of faith that he could live in London in perfect harmony with the English aristocrats. Didn’t work out, but a photo of the good-natured Roman Arkadyevich has been preserved by my friend. By the way, at that moment there was his bodyguard next to Abramovich, who was trying to push my friend aside. But the businessman condescendingly allowed. The photo is quite old, so the quality is not very good.

A large number of Chelsea players were hanging out in this street. So after meeting with Abramovich, the friend began to recognize the players of his club. Many of them did not mind taking a couple of minutes of time and smiling for the camera.

I think you can easily recognize these faces. Young, full of strength, and ambition – as you know, I’m not talking about my friend, but about Michael Ballack:

Another familiar face that, then and now, is very dear to every Chelsea fan. Since Frank Lampard didn’t change much:

The next photo is also not of very good quality, but the person who stands next to my acquaintances is known to all the fans of our blessed football team. Fabio Cappello himself:

Once upon a time, the RFU did not yet owe Don Fabio a dime: the moment a bird flew out of my friend’s lousy camera, Capello received money from the English taxpayers.

Soon the number of pixels on my London friend’s phone increased significantly. We can see all the wrinkles Jose Mourinho:

Pay attention to the lips of my friend: he is saying something to Mr. Mourinho. No matter how talented Jose may be, a real fan will always have a game scheme that a football lover will want to share even with the Special.

My friend’s route often crosses the trajectories of football celebrities. The next photo was taken in the wrong London street, but in some kind of educational institution. A friend of mine got a small project there, and Claudio Ranieri gave a lecture. The meeting happened well after Ranieri’s work at Chelsea – in that same great year for Leicester City.

The last photo I wanted to show you was taken in North London. At lunchtime, my friend walked into the grocery store and ran into this legend of London’s Arsenal.

As you can see, after leaving Arsenal, Arsene Wenger looks great. Buys a French baguette for breakfast and waits for an interesting offer from the leading football clubs in Europe (now Wenger is the head of FIFA’s global development department –

Now my lucky friend is rebuilding an apartment in Brighton. Walking the streets of this small seaside town, he has not yet caught anyone – except for this little-known arthropod in the football world.

Who and how did you meet among the football celebrities? Share in the comments!


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