The chairman of the board of trustees of “Ufa” explained why he did not keep Gazizov in the club



Chairman of the Board of Trustees “Ufa” Rostislav Murzagulov explained why he did not interfere with the departure of the sports director Shamil Gazizova in “Spartacus”

– “Ufa” lost the chances for European competitions a round before the end. At the same time, quite recently it seemed that the sixth place in the table was in your pocket. Why was it not possible to maintain the position, did Gazizov’s departure affect?

– His departure did not affect. Affected by problems with the composition, – quoted Mirzagulova TNV. – Indeed, you are right that we had a chance to keep the sixth place. If we had played with the optimal composition, this would have happened. But this “reel” had an effect – a large number of games, a lot of injuries. As a result, we played several matches with a sub-optimal squad and allowed an unnecessary loss of points. First of all, I’m talking about the matches with Ural and Dynamo.


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