The chairman of the board of trustees of “Ufa” is not worried that Evseev may leave for “Spartak”



Chairman of the Board of Trustees “UfaRostislav Murzagulov spoke about the prospects for the development of the club.

– Gazizov, I remember, announced contracts with Red Bull and other serious investors, up to the sale of the club to the sheikhs. What is the fate of these projects?

“I can tell you, but I ask you to be understanding that we do not name specific names of organizations or people,” Mirzagulova quotes TNV. – But the substantive interest in our club remains on the part of two foreign and one Russian companies. If we manage to bring an investor who will develop the club, then most likely this issue will be resolved at the level of the head of the republic. I think that Khabirov will not mind, because this is his approach in all spheres of the economy of Bashkortostan. If there is a person who is ready to take responsibility for something and make money on it, then the head of the republic welcomes this approach.


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