The epileptic was terribly wrong in the end of the match with NAVI. But the BKB missklik has nothing to do with it – Daily Oracle – Blogs


The presence of BKB would not have saved Egor.

The brightest moment of the first map of the NAVI match is VP.Prodigy: the sudden death of an Epileptic after being pulled back to his base. Most likely, Egor pressed BKB instead of teleport, which was noticed by NAVI players. When Morph came out to push the pack for a Tier-3 on the top, he was instantly erased.

Let’s take a quick look at the moment.

Commentators considered pressing BKB a key mistake. In fact, nothing depended on him. Morph was knocked down by Linka through Spell Steal (works through BKB) and closed Primal Roar (works through BKB). In any case, without the missklik, Yegor would have been killed as well.

But there are questions about the positioning and tracking of the map. Rewind the moment to the beginning and watch NAVI – at least one of the five VP.Ps should have noticed that the four NAVI moved from mid to their forest. In addition, the compressed BKB could become a trigger for NAVI, after which they decided to attack. In fact, it was a very risky move, because Orakl could be behind Morph.

By the way, where was Orakl? He teleported to mid, not behind Morph. This is not a gross mistake, but it underlines once again that none of VP.P was ready to attack.

• NAVI still has DOOM and Aegis on the Spectrum. Bayback Morfa in such a situation has little influence on what, because Yegor kept the ransom to the last.

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