The first game of the new mid lane NAVI: out-farm FN, strangled Morph, but there are still problems with the reaction – Daily Oracle – Blogs


Young G is a pleasant surprise.

Nikita Bochko just switched to NAVI and in the very first game surprised everyone by playing in the mid-Duma against VP.Prodigy.

And he played successfully!

With the new camps, it is easy for Doom to find a good center lane creep. Against Quopa, he came with Frost Shield, thanks to which he could calmly finish off creeps in the lane. As a result, overfarm over all players on the map at the expense of forest camps and gold from Devour.

In addition, Young G showed an active Doom: by the eighth minute he moved down, took the offlaner and returned from the teleport to the mid to punish the impudent FN.

Further – a solid PogChamp. The Prodigy went to the gang on Doom, Epileptic flies into Doom on a wave and immediately catches the camp of the eaten Centaur! Easy for Nikita:

However, Young G’s play was not perfect. Twice he did not have time to react to the enemy’s smoke. The first time he died instantly due to an unpressed BKB:

In the second fight, he was saved by the stolen Orakla ult, but Young G did not press BKB, which is why he received a ton of damage (first of all, Morph’s procast) and immediately died after the ult.

Then Young G began to have enough survivability to face all the damage of VP.P and issue an ult to Morph.

Despite the final score 2-3-15, in the next map VP.Prodigy banned Doom in the first stage.

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