The great-great-granddaughter of the Japanese samurai reached the final of Miss World 2018


Russia is represented at the competition by a resident of Yakutia Natalya Stroeva, but in recent days all the attention of the world community has been focused on the Japanese model Kanako Date. A few days ago it became known that she reached the final of the competition, having won the creative stage: Kanako sang Tosca’s aria from Puccini’s opera.

And that’s not all of her talents. According to Soranews24, the girl is a master of Kyudo – the art of shooting a Japanese long bow, plays the koto (a plucked musical instrument like a zither), and also enjoys traditional national dances.

But the most piquant detail is that Kanako Date can be called a special royal blood. She is the twentieth generation great-granddaughter of the shogun Masamune Date, nicknamed the One-Eyed Dragon, the patron saint of Christianity in Japan. Despite the fact that her ancestor lived in the 16th century, his name is still widely heard, one of the characters in the manga bears his name. So that you can be imbued with the scale of the event, let us explain that this can be compared to the same as if the great-granddaughter of Peter I went from our country.

However, in her 20s, Kanake leads a life worthy of her ancestors: she studies at the prestigious Keio University in Tokyo, collaborates with the Red Cross, speaks five languages ​​fluently and, as you can see from her Instagram, is very attractive.

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