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At the press conference after the 2-0 win over Shakhtar, Dnipr head coach Ivan Bionchik answered the original question if his heart fluttered when the team created many chances in the first half, but failed to convert any of them.

The wife of Ivan Bionchik, from the sight of which the coach’s heart trembles, is called Elena. The couple has been married for the fourth year. Ivan and Elena have a daughter, Antonina.

Elena was born in Polotsk and graduated from the Institute of Psychology of the BSPU named after. M. Tank. This year Bionchik became a graduate of the Moscow Gestalt Institute. Gestalt is a branch of psychology that gained popularity in the 1960s. It is also a type of therapy that helps a person to consciously understand himself through the peculiarities of the perception of the surrounding world. Gestalt therapy does not try to deal with the patient’s unconscious behavior, but rather involves active interaction with a psychologist. If you believe Elena’s pages on social networks, then she is engaged in psychotherapy internally and via Skype.

In an interview with the club YouTube channel, Elena said that she does not often manage to get out somewhere with her husband because of her husband’s busy schedule. Ivan does not often manage to carve out time for his family – all his strength is taken by the salvation of the elite registration of the Dnipro. It is interesting that the trainer was not in the frame at the beginning of the video, but during the filming he nevertheless connected to them.

In general, Ivan Bionchik’s wife is just a beauty.

Photo: Elena Bionchik

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