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There are plans for the evening.

The Premier League has long distributed two first places (Liverpool champion, Man City in the Champions League) and the last (Norwich in the championship). There are plenty of intrigues before the last round. The tops are fighting for the Champions League, while at the bottom three teams are fighting for the right to stay in the Premier League for the next season.

We figure out what and who needs in the last round.

The main indicators for tie points in England are goal difference and number of goals scored

First, let’s talk about the criteria in England to decide which team is higher in the table when the points are equal. The Premier League regulations look at the indicators in the following order:

1) goal difference;

2) more goals scored;

3) personal meetings;

4) more guest goals in head-to-head matches.

Leicester v Manchester United are a splendid battle for the Champions League. Chelsea have all the chances for it

The compilers of the Premier League calendar got it right: in the last round, two of the three candidates for the Champions League play against each other, and the third meets with the team that is in sixth place in the table.

“Manchester United” in the Champions League, if not losing to Leicester… This immediately guarantees that the Mancunians will not fall below the fourth place.

• Chelsea can only drop Manchester United from third place if they play better than United or beat Wolverhampton by a huge goal difference (+15);

• If Manchester United lose to Leicester, all hope is in Wolverhampton: United need Wolves to beat Chelsea. Then Solskjaer’s team will remain in fourth place thanks to the best goal difference.

Chelsea in the Champions League, if not losing to Wolverhampton. Then the team will not fall below the fourth place.

• If Chelsea lose to the Wolves, they will root for United as much as possible in a side-by-side match – a Leicester win or a draw knocks Lampard’s boys down to fifth.

Leicester in the Champions League if Manchester United wins. In this case, Brendan Rogers’ team will definitely bypass at least one of the two opponents in the battle for the Champions League;

• The draw will also give Leicester a chance for the Champions League. If Chelsea lose in a parallel match, the goal difference will be counted – it is much better for Jamie Vardy and the company (+28 vs. +13).

• The defeat automatically sends Leicester into the Europa League group stage. Wolverhampton will only catch up if they beat Chelsea with an obscene goal difference.

Wolverhampton no longer makes it to the Champions League, but is fighting for the Europa League. Bottom is supported by Tottenham, which is only one point behind. Jose Mourinho’s team plays against Crystal Palace in the last round;

• To qualify for the UEL, the Wolves need to play no worse than Spurs. This is enough.

• Wolverhampton will qualify directly for the UEL group stage if they remain in sixth place, and Chelsea beat Arsenal in the FA Cup final.

By the way, Mourinho is also a fan of Chelsea in the Cup final. The victory of the former team will send the current Portuguese side to the Europa League (qualifying if Tottenham remain in seventh place).

Three more teams can take off. Only one will be saved

There is no such intensity with face-to-face confrontations as the grandees. But three games will definitely be very hot.

We calculate what and who needs to take the coveted 17th place.

Bournemouth stays in the Premier League if Everton wins away and Aston Villa and Watford lose – everything depends on parallel matches as much as possible;

• In the event of a draw or defeat, Eddie Howe’s team is eliminated from the Premier League. The same will happen even if one of the neighbors in the table draws.

Watford remains if it plays better than Aston Villa. A draw will be enough if Villa loses. In other cases, everything is more complicated:

• If Villa win, then Watford need to beat Arsenal and think about the goal difference. If “AB” wins 1: 0, then “Watford” should do 3: 0 – plus two to the difference of the neighbor from above;

• Even a defeat could leave Watford in the Premier League if Aston Villa lose to West Ham by minus two from Watford’s defeat.

• Funniest deal: if Watford beat Arsenal 7-5 and Aston Villa win 1-0, they will be tied in points, goals and head-to-head. Watford will survive with an away goal against Villa (3-0 and 1-2).

• Watford also fired Nigel Pearson (their third manager of the season) and appointed youth coach Hayden Mullins for the final round. He already led the team in December: played 0: 0 with Crystal Palace and lost to Leicester (0: 2).

Aston Villa remains if he plays no worse than Watford. This applies not only to the overall outcome of the meeting, but also to the score.

• If Villa and Watford tie in parallel, Villa remains.

• It is important for “AB” not to let the opponent play back the goal difference according to the table. So far, Watford need to make a difference of two goals better than in the match between West Ham and Villa.

Photo: Gary Prior, Clive Mason, John Sibley / Pool


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