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The day before yesterday Leeds finally returned to the Premier League after 16 years, and yesterday became the legitimate winner of the Championship after the defeat of Brentford to Stoke City (0-1).

The main character of the comeback is Marcelo Bielsa, who led the ambitious project only in 2018. The geeky Argentinean was close to the Premier League last season (they were the first half of the championship), but at the end the Peacocks sagged and went down to third place, and in the playoffs they issued an unrealistic crossover with Lampard’s Derby.

This season, Bielsa has not spent anything on transfers (he made good use of the lease), he sold almost 30 million pounds. The only signing of the season was 20-year-old winger Ian Poveda, who moved as a free agent from Manchester City. The main tricks of success are high-quality work in training and a detailed analysis of the opponent. The second at the headquarters of Marcelo Bielsa takes an average of 360 hours.

Despite the already cult Leeds Marcelo Bielsu (even the street was named after him), the face of the club is Emma Jones.

A few years ago, Emma graduated from university with a master’s degree in broadcast journalism. The girl told the story of how in 2016 she faced an unpleasant, but rather common situation: she discovered that people were using her photos to create fake accounts on the dating app Tinder. “People pretending to be flight attendants and salespeople used my photos to try and get dates,” Emma said. “It was a difficult period.”

Previously, the owner of curvaceous forms worked at the Viking FM radio station and did not know anything about football. But one fine day, the newly minted owner of Leeds, Andrea Radrizzani, came across the resume of the charming Emma. It should be noted here that Andrea had extensive experience in working with media, so he thoroughly approached the issue of developing this area in the club. In the summer of 2017, Emma received a position in the structure of Leeds, becoming the new host of the club channel. And this decision breathed new life into the team. The ratings of the channel, like that of the entire club, went up: LUTV videos on the YouTube platform, in which Emma took part, were 5-10 times more popular than all the others.

In an interview with Ourtown magazine, Emma said, “I’ve never been a football fan. But since I came to Leeds, I have become one! The atmosphere, passion and noise came over me very quickly, and now I am the noisiest spectator watching from the box. ”

In 2018, the charming girl made her debut on BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday, alongside famous footballer Robbie Savage. From that moment on, the podcast began to appear on a regular basis. She also works as an MC for Squawka and William Hill.

In December last year, he and Savage on the air of the show “606” won in the nomination “radio show of the year” according to the “Association of Football Supporters”. Formerly The Sun’s editor-in-chief David Yelland called her “Britain’s brightest female voice.”

Emma has 186 thousand followers on Instagram. Another 190 thousand follow the girl on Twitter. On this social network, she often enters into dialogues with various Leeds fans, and in general she is quite active on a regular basis.

Fans of “peacocks” warmly and cordially received Emma in the team and repeatedly thanked the management of the club for such a timely decision. They have already called the transfer “the best in Leeds history”: “Thanks to her, we forgot that we were vegetating in the middle of the table. With her appearance, part of the darkness surrounding our club disappeared. “

It was Emma Jones who interviewed Harry Maguire in a flash interview in March 2020, which spread instantly across the network: the defender stood in front of her, looking down like a first grader in front of a strict teacher. The network joked: it was the most difficult interview in the life of a football player.

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