“The judge gave Lokomotiv the last chance to save face.” The court did not accept Loko’s documents in the Herkus case



Former CEO Lokomotiv Ilya Herkus told how the trial with the Moscow club is progressing.

– The next court session took place, – Herkus wrote in the Telegram channel. – The court rejected “30 kg” of documents submitted by the plaintiff. “30 kg” is a jumbled pile of copies of very poor quality, often unreadable, in addition, they were forgotten to certify. The parties stated their positions. In my subjective opinion, our position was more than convincing.

Nevertheless, the judge gave Lokomotiv one last chance to save face and provide us at last (this is for all the months that have passed since January 28) proof of his claim in a decent form and save his pretty tarnished reputation.


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