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Rating from the legendary Scrim.

Once upon a time ScreaM was one of the most famous players in CS: GO and played in top teams. He gained popularity due to his unique style of play: the Belgian practically did not use spray from rifles, but tried to take opponents with one shot to the head. Thanks to Scrim’s immense talent, this strategy worked perfectly, and the shooter was twice in the top 10 of the best players of the year.

Now ScreaM has abandoned CS: GO and is likely to move to Valorant, but he is still considered the main master of headshots in the history of the game. Channel Rivalry asked the player to name his top 5 best aimers in the modern CS: GO scene. His list will surely surprise you.

5th place – F0rest

“He has one of the best aim in the game. His style is very fluid and a pleasure to watch. He also has very accurate shooting. When I watch Forest play, it seems to me that he can still perform well (Forest is 32 years old, – He doesn’t look tired at all from the game and is always extremely stable. It’s fine”.

4th place – KRIMZ

“He’s in fourth place simply because of stability. Each Aimer has a different shooting style, and Crims has a different one. His style is not highlighter, but with his help Krims is the best in the world to win duels with rivals. ”

3rd place – Rain

“I played with him in 2015 for Kinguin, and then he surprised me with his skill. Even then I said that he is a monster. I remember we had the same percentage of headshots back then, it was great. “

2nd place – Xantares

“Xantares is incredible. He sits on DeathMatch a lot, practices aim. His shooting style is unique and very difficult to play against. He’s very fast, this style is different from mine, but it’s nice to watch him. ”

1st place – NiKo

“He is simply one of the tidiest players in the world and also the most stable in terms of aim. Perhaps this is due to the small sensitivity of the sight. I really like his shooting style, which almost always depends on correct aiming. It’s cool to watch him always aim at the right position at the right time. “

* * *

And who, in your opinion, deserves to be in the top 5 best Aimers in CS: GO? S1mple, Twistzz, ZywOo or someone else?

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