The legendary 4-man boost was repeated on Overpass. We took two enemies across the map! – Highlight of the day – Blogs


The best way to win eco.

Incredible boosts have always been the main feature of the map Overpass… Famous boost from Olofmeister and boost on the T-spawn are the most famous chips in the location, but besides them there is another way to get higher.

The 4-person banana boost was one of the first to be shown by the Esuba team. This is a very open and dangerous landing (any terrorist who comes from the fountain will easily destroy the tower of rivals), but at the same time it is extremely effective, since it is almost impossible to notice it from point B.

Finally, another team has repeated a difficult boost. BIG Academy made a boost in the match against Avez (Polish team Byali) and won the eco-round with one saved AWP. Two frags on the boost with a sniper rifle were enough to win.

Now we are waiting for such a boost at a major tournament. The first team to successfully complete it in a Major will most likely receive the corresponding graffiti in that position.

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