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Loud off-season transfers have died down and the Belarusian football season has finally started. In the match for Parimatch Super Cup of Belarus football players staged a real massacre Brest Dynamo and Saligorsk Shakhtar… Brest proved to be stronger than its rivals and deservedly took home the first trophy of this season.

The Super Cup for the third year remains in Brest: Kiki’s goal-luck, Savitsky’s cool ball, Milevsky’s sending-off and Shakhtar’s majority half

It would seem that the best start to the season for Brest is hard to come up with. But in March, Dynamo not only gained, but also lost: a stunning press secretary left the team Olga Khizhinkova, who worked in this position for three and a half years. Her duties passed into the hands of the general secretary of the club, Vladimir Machulsky. With such a transfer, the football media of Belarus, to put it mildly, lost their charm. However, Olga herself does not answer the direct question about leaving the club so unambiguously: “Who said I was leaving at all? I still plan to stay in sports. And in any case, I also stay with the team.

Khizhinkova leaves the post of the press secretary of Brest Dynamo

Miss Belarus-2008 will certainly not remain without sport. Olga is a big fan of any physical activity, but she has a special love for marathons.

Now the former Dynamo press secretary is very fond of animals, especially cats and dogs. Helping our smaller brothers find new homes is one of Olga’s main vocations. If you look at her social media profiles, the concentration of cute photos with temporarily homeless four-legged friends is off the charts. And it seems that these cute animals love Olga no less than she loves them.

We join these cute creatures and are ready to look at the beauty of Olga Khizhinkova with the same intent and attentive gaze.

Sources: Instagram Olga Khizhinkova, Pressball, @dobry_valshebnig, @grimerla_by


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