The main events of the RPL season 2019/2020: referee scandals, protests and resignations



This strange, seemingly endless season is over. The year turned out to be eventful, and now we are not only talking about the coronavirus.

“Tambov”, for example, never played in Tambov (at first it hosted opponents in Saransk, then moved to Nizhny Novgorod), in “Orenburg” the coach changed three times per season (Fedotov – Emelyanov – Paramonov), and they talked about the judges more than perhaps ever.

Transfer Sutormin for 50 thousand rubles and Malcolm – for 40 million euros

The dirtiest transfer of the year: Sutormin first moved from Orenburg to Rubin for 50 thousand rubles (officially), and then, for the same amount, to Zenit. A great scheme to fit into financial fair play.

The second high-profile transfer of this season also belongs to Zenit: the Brazilian Malcolm arrived in St. Petersburg from Barcelona (it cost the club 40 million euros). With playing practice he is not very good – 12 matches per season. Malcolm was treated for a long time, played little, but still at the moment he is the most expensive player in the league: transfermarkt estimates him at 30.5 million euros.

The Russian player needs to be able to persuade. What Sutormin’s story teaches

The transfer of a candidate to the Russian national team is a valuable lesson for the sporting department of Zenit.

The return of Kokorin and Mamaev

Kokorin signed a contract with Zenit almost in the colony, but he never played for the team: they didn’t have time to declare him for the autumn part, and in the winter he went on loan to Sochi. What happened there and why it happened is still unclear. Mamaev, at the end of September, signed a contract with Rostov, made his debut in March and immediately scored.

Kokorin is in Sochi! Chronicle of the strangest winter transfer to the RPL

We remember how the Zenit striker got to Sochi.

Rock Sharonov

If you suddenly forgot, at the beginning of the season, Roman Sharonov started Rubin in the locker room, and videos of his motivational speeches with references to the Metallica concert appeared on club social networks. It was bright, but everything ended pretty quickly: 7 points in three rounds by the winter break turned into 13th place. “We accept this defeat, but move on.”

Slutsky returned to Russia

There were rumors about AEK, but Leonid Viktorovich preferred to return to his homeland. And for good reason: he kept Rubin in the RPL.

Fire Evseev

The head coach of Ufa this season will be remembered not only for his enviable success in games with the “tops”, but also for pearls.

“What is football in our country, is it about scoring goals, or what?”

“I have my own opinion, but I strongly disagree with him.”

Evseev also hit the ball backwards …

The rights to the video belong to the National Sports TV Channel LLC. You can watch the video on the official Twitter of FC “Ufa”

… and thwarted El-Kabir on the flank.

The rights to the video belong to the National Sports TV Channel LLC. You can watch the video on the official Twitter of the Match-Premier channel.


“Hero” of the first part of the season: he made mistakes so often that the representatives of the clubs swore, and the fans washed the bones of Mikhail. After the Zenit – CSKA match, in which Vilkov made several gross mistakes (for example, he did not remove Azmun for driving his spikes into Obljakov’s caviar), he was suspended. True, not for long: at the end of November, Vilkov was appointed to Zenit – Spartak, but not the main one, but the judge of VAR.

“A fan is not a criminal”

In the matches of the 19th round, fans of most teams left the stands, protesting in an organized way against the actions of law enforcement agencies. After the match against Zenit in St. Petersburg, 81 Spartak fans and five blue-white-blue fans were detained. Valeriy Bevz, who had brought up Muscovites, was charged with insulting Dziuba, released to Moscow, and then extradited to St. Petersburg again.

“You just got in the way.” Why a Spartak fan was detained in St. Petersburg

After this story, Artyom Dziuba is unlikely to have more fans.

Giner sold CSKA

Such news has surfaced so many times that when it really happened, not everyone believed it right away. But yes: in December 2019, 75% of CSKA shares were transferred to VEB on account of the debt that appeared during the construction of the stadium. Giner remained president and is not going to go anywhere in the near future.

Resignation of Alexander Egorov

In the first part of the season, almost every tour was accompanied by referee scandals. At the briefing, Alexander Egorov joked, explained all the decisions, but it didn’t get any easier. In December, after the match with Krasnodar, Evgeny Giner flared up: “Mr. Yegorov brought our refereeing to an extreme point. I don’t know if he is taking money or receiving instructions. Maybe we are bothering someone – again, I don’t know. But if this is refereeing, then we shouldn’t play football in this country. It’s just a mockery, a mockery of common sense. ”

At the end of December, Yegorov still resigned. In his place was Viktor Kashshai, and Ashot Khachaturyants became the new head of the referee committee. But scandals from this did not diminish.

Giner: for such a refereeing Yegorov should not just drive, but put in jail!

CSKA president insists on decisive steps after the match between his club and Krasnodar.

Smolov still left for Europe

Fedor really wanted to leave after the World Cup, but it turned out only after 1.5 years: Celta rented him for six months. Even if the striker eventually returns to Lokomotiv, he definitely did not go in vain – the goals of Real Madrid and Barça are unforgettable.

Smolov scores only the tops. First Real Madrid, now Barcelona

Celta and Barcelona played a match in which only outstanding goals were scored.

Pryadkin is our president again. For a long time

In January, the clubs re-elected Pryadkin for five years ahead of schedule and quite suddenly. RFU insisted on re-voting. Pure formality – in March Pryadkin was again elected, and again for the same period. And in July, the clubs were offered a new charter – without a clause on the possibility of dismissing the president of the RPL. Cool?

Pryadkin will rule forever? Clubs want to ban unauthorized dismissal of the president of the RPL

Before the RPL meeting, the clause on the resignation of the president at the request of the clubs disappeared from the charter of the league.

There are no world champions left in the RPL

Before the pause due to the coronavirus in the championship, there were three of them – Benedict Höwedes, Andre Schürrle and Adil Rami, and by the end of the season there was no one left. The Frenchman, who moved to Sochi in the winter, never appeared on the field: he arrived with an injury that no one supposedly knew about during the transition, and never recovered, so in May his contract was terminated. Hövedes left of his own accord, largely due to the situation with the coronavirus in Russia – in March, when everything was just beginning, he wrote a devastating column in one of the German publications in which he criticized the authorities’ attitude towards the epidemic. Shyurrle, leaving Spartak at the end of the lease, ended his career altogether.

Semin’s departure, #kicknadze and the middle finger to the South

Conversations that the contract with Yuri Palych would not be extended have been going on since winter – the names of potential candidates for his place appeared in the media, various figures were discussed up to Di Francesco. As it turned out later, back in March, a preliminary agreement was reached with Marko Nikolic.

Semin’s departure was announced on May 14 (the news on the official website consisted of a couple of sentences), and they said goodbye only two weeks later, on the day his contract expired. There were too many posts on social networks, and under them were a lot of unflattering comments from fans who, probably, will never forgive the club for such a parting with the legend. Hatred from social networks (under the tags # kicknadze and #meshcheryakoff) moved to the stadium: until the last round, the first 20 minutes of the match, fans chanted “Fire Kiknadze from the club”, “Yuri Palych is your best friend”, “We are waiting for the exit after the season”, after which some of them left the stands.

What is wrong with our football. Semin’s departure from Lokomotiv

Why our clubs don’t need all of us, but we don’t need them.

At the match with “Ufa”, someone single-handedly started shouting at Kiknadze, to which he reacted with his middle finger. At the same time, most of the journalists did not see this gesture (too far away), but the general director of Loko admitted after the game in communication with the fans – it was, he got excited.

The Ethics Committee did not disregard this moment and fined Kiknadze 300 thousand rubles.

The general director of Lokomotiv showed his middle finger to the fans. Details

Kiknadze says that he will not allow swearing in the stands.

Sochi and children from Rostov

The most surreal match of the season happened in Sochi. “Rostov” turned out to have no one to play because of the quarantine, and “Sochi” refused to postpone the match. Young men had to play. Children vs men – 1:10, a new record for our championship.

FC “Rich Men” – FC “Poor Children” – 10: 1. Match as a metaphor for Russia’s main problem

Why are we all so hooked?

Thomas Zorn 14 months

When Thomas first arrived, Fedun talked about 2023, ambitions and Zorn’s presidential nomination, but then something went wrong. In 420 days, Zorn managed to update the roster: he brought Thiel, Larsson, Ponce and Schürrle, parted with Fernando, Ze Luis and Luis Adriano. I put in a new coach. Only he did not save himself from resignation.

Do you remember Fedun talked about Zorn in Spartak in 2023? Something went wrong

What did Thomas Zorn remember for 420 days at Spartak?

Karpin vs RPL

After the match with Orenburg, Valery Georgievich was asked what he thinks about the non-sporting component in the RPL and the situations in which Rostov and Orenburg suffered most from the coronavirus and all the bans. Karpin did not restrain himself and attacked the league on the air with criticism:

– I will quote Pavel Fedorovich Byshovets (Karpin made a reservation, of course, Anatoly Fedorovich. – Approx. “Championship”): there is no limit to human abomination! Abomination and meanness. Earlier there was “Rosgosstrakh Championship of Russia”, and now “Rospotrebnadzor Championship of Russia”. Who agreed with Rospotrebnadzor, and who could not agree, who hid the sick, and who did not hide, who was quarantined and who was not closed … This is an abnormal Russian championship. And they talk about it all over the world.

Sergei Pryadkin was hurt by such an attack, and he sent a complaint to the ethics committee, indicating that such statements “damage the business reputation of the RPL as a sports product.” Karpin’s reaction was immediate: “Wow, it turns out we have a president who cares about the image of the Premier League.”

As a result, Valery Georgievich was fined 200 thousand rubles.

War of “Spartak” with the judges

In the last rounds, the club had many complaints about refereeing, but the last straw was the cup match against Zenit. It got to the point that Spartak wrote an open letter to Kashshai with a request to respond to criticism of the work of referees in their matches.

“Already accepting bets on canceling our goal.” Spartak’s angry letter to Kashshai

The Moscow club demands an explanation from the head of the RFU refereeing department.

Fedun even suggested introducing the hashtag #SpartakKakZenit.

Resignation and return of Goncharenko

The head coach of CSKA after a home defeat to Zenit (0: 4) announced his resignation, said goodbye to the players and went home to Belarus. Given that this happened shortly after he renewed his contract for a year, management clearly did not expect such a turn of events. Having cooled down, Goncharenko returned to Moscow, discussed his future with the club, and nevertheless decided to stay.

At the same time, CSKA explained the absence of the head coach with poor health.

Goncharenko wrote a letter of resignation, and then changed his mind. What’s going on at CSKA?

For “Spartak” “army” will be trained by a Belarusian specialist.

Four technical defeats

Orenburg due to the coronavirus was unable to play matches with Krasnodar and Ural, Sochi – with Tambov and Krylya Sovetov. For “Orenburg” technical defeats became fatal – the team will start the next season in the FNL.

12 coaching resignations

The fastest happened in “Spartak” – on September 29, Oleg Kononov was fired. The next day, the head coach of Akhmat Rashid Rakhimov lost his post, and a week later Dynamo said goodbye to Dmitry Khokhlov. In mid-October “Tambov” refused the services of Alexander Grigoryan, exactly a month later “Sochi” left Alexander Tochilin.

In December, the head coach of Orenburg Vladimir Fedotov resigned, while Roman Sharonov left Rubin. After the coronavirus pause, four more resignations took place: Konstantin Emelyanov from Orenburg (the third in a season at the club!), Miodrag Bozovic from Krylya, Igor Cherevchenko from Arsenal and Dmitry Parfyonov from Ural. Also in May Yuri Semin left Lokomotiv.

First season VAR

Hopefully things will get better.


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