The match “Zenit” – “Spartak” will be served by referee Sergei Ivanov, who is this


The match Zenit - Spartak will be served by Sergei Ivanov

Bogdan Gorbunov

4 years ago, Zenit and Spartak were already judged by Ivanov. Then it all ended in a scandal

That game cost the then referees boss Valentin Ivanov the job.


Russian Cup semi-final match “Zenit” – “Spartak” will serve the brigade headed by Sergey Ivanov from Rostov-on-Don. Until April 2020, this referee did not work in the red-white matches for 2.5 years due to a loud scandal.

In the match between Spartak and Zenit, Ivanov awarded two penalties in favor of the hosts. And Ivelin Popov said that the judge was wrong on purpose

In October 2016, Ivanov served the central match of the 9th round of the Russian championship, Zenit – Spartak (4: 2) at Petrovsky. The Rostov referee made a lot of mistakes in both directions, but the Spartak players were outraged by his work. First of all, because of the two penalties awarded in favor of the hosts, and the failed removal of the blue-white-blue defender Domenico Crisito… Both clubs have published a video with a selection of Ivanov’s blunders.

“I don’t believe that you can whistle against Spartak like that,” said the midfielder of the Moscow team Ivelin Popov. – The second penalty – we still saw that there was a violation of Krishito before that at Promes. He even said himself that a foul plus a yellow card. The judge was deliberately wrong. But God sees everything. Let the judge remember: God sees everything! “

The then President of the RFU Vitaly Mutko hinted that the mistakes of the referee of the game “Zenith” – “Spartak” could be related to the rates. As a result, Ivanov was disqualified, and the head of the RFU refereeing and inspection department was hit by fragments from this bomb. Valentina Ivanova… He was soon fired. The Rostovite was not assigned to the matches of the red and white for 2.5 years, until finally in April 2019 he was not entrusted with the meeting Spartak – Enisey (2: 0).

The decisions of the judges against Spartak are very beneficial for the club. New philosophy of Fedun and Gazizov

# Judge Spartak as Zenit – great manipulation.

Under Ivanov, Zenit scores more points. But the referee less often puts a penalty against Spartak’s goal

The 36-year-old Rostovite is the son of referee Sergei Ivanov, who from 1997 to 2001 served the games of the third and fourth divisions, as well as the youth championship and the Cup of Russia. Ivanov Jr. himself has been judging in the RPL since March 2012. To date, he has 140 matches in the Russian Championship and the Russian Cup, in which he showed 593 yellow cards, as well as 25 red ones and delivered 41 penalties.

Before the scandalous match “Zenith” – “Spartak” (4: 2) Ivanov judged the derby of the two capitals only once. That meeting took place in the 2015/2016 season and ended in a draw (2: 2). At the same time, for the entire game, the referee showed only one yellow card – Miguel Danni

In total, Spartak, under Ivanov’s refereeing, played 18 matches in the RPL, won nine victories with three draws and six defeats (55.6% of points). Zenit also played 18 matches, scoring nine wins, four draws and five defeats (57.4% of points). The Rostov referee awarded three penalties to the gates of the red and whites, and five to the gates of their rivals.

This season Ivanov served the matches Spartak – Ural (1: 2), Spartak – CSKA (3: 2, Russian Cup) and Sochi – Spartak (1: 0). The referee also worked three times at Zenit’s matches. Under him, the Petersburgers lost to Ufa (0: 1), and also beat Rubin (2: 1) and CSKA (4: 0).

A clean goal was again scored from Spartak. Analysis of refereeing in the match with “Akhmat”

Understanding Sukhoi’s work with referee Igor Fedotov.

What else you need to know about Sergei Ivanov

– In 2019, he served two matches of the qualifying tournament for Euro 2020: Latvia – Israel (0: 3) and Malta – Sweden (0: 4). In the last game he appointed two penalties against the hosts.

– In December 2019, his work in the match of the 19th round of the RPL Arsenal – Lokomotiv was declared unsatisfactory. “The referee Sergei Ivanov made three key mistakes: did not assign a penalty to Lokomotiv’s goal, did not send off Dmitry Barinov for the second yellow card in the 42nd minute, and did not assign a penalty to Arsenal’s goal for a foul on Hövedes in the 79th minute. The referee received a negative assessment for this match, “said the then head of the refereeing and inspection department of the Russian Football Union, Alexander Egorov.

– In total, in 2019, Ivanov won 30 matches in different tournaments. In them, he showed 4 red cards.

– In the quarterfinal match of the Russian Cup “Spartak” – CSKA, according to the head of the refereeing department of the Russian Football Union Victor Kashshai, Ivanov made a mistake by deleting Ezequiel Ponce from the field.

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