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In the age of social networks, few people are surprised by photos in swimsuits or underwear – it has become commonplace. Belarusian athletes are also in business. Thanks to their excellent physique, their professional photo shoots and ordinary smartphone photos collect tens of thousands of likes, allowing them to grow in popularity and increase their fan base.

But what about topless photo shoots? There are far fewer such extreme sportsmen among Belarusian athletes. But still they are. And some will even amaze you with excessive frankness.

The most recent example is Arina Sobolenko… On the day of her 22nd birthday, the tennis player delighted her fans with such a hot photo.

It became an addition to the previously released photo session.

Sobolenko’s modest topless, Sasnovich glasses and Azarenko’s wild dances. What are Belarusians doing while tennis is paused?

Sobolenko 22: showed a new topless and gift-mugs with the coach’s top phrases

Belarusian athlete Anastasia Mironchik-Ivanova posts hot photos on her Instagram with enviable regularity. Anastasia also has a topless photo.

Repeated world and European champion Ekaterina Vandaryeva, despite the fact that she made herself a career in kickboxing and Muay Thai, she is also not against gentle photo shoots.

“Many of our men would like to give under the ass.” The main beauty of Belarusian Muay Thai

Another representative of a seemingly not the most feminine sport, with a topless photo session in her assets, is the ex-hockey player Ulyana Voytik. She took part in a joint project of the photo studio of Alexander Zhernosek and

In his youth, Alexander Gleb received the experience of candid filming. Anastasia Kosenkova, the soloist of the Topless group, who later married a football player, accompanied him at the photo session. However, this marriage fell apart.

Belarusian cyclist Elena Dylko has long disappeared from the media space. But the Internet still remembers her candid photos.

Belarusian basketball player Elena Levchenko often pleases fans with sophisticated erotic photos. Of course, it was not possible to avoid nude photos with such and such a figure.

Candid photos of Elena Levchenko. It’s just 🔥

Her colleague Tatyana Troina, too, once excited everyone with her candid shooting.

National basketball players and topless are a separate kind of love. Remember the legendary calendar from Spartak?

In our selection there is also a representative of a sport that is still quite exotic for the country – curling. Ex-player, and now coach Evgenia Orlis also had the experience of candid photo shoots.

Bodybuilding women, it would seem, are destined to demonstrate a beautiful body in spectacular photo shoots. Four-time world champion and two-time absolute European champion in bodybuilding and fitness Valentina Kozlovskaya did not miss this opportunity.


Figure skater and Olympic champion-2006 Tatyana Navka, after the collapse of the USSR, also played for Belarus, which included the World Cup, European Championship and even the Games-94 in Lillehammer. The athlete has candid photos in one of the famous men’s magazines. By the way, in 2015, the publication deleted this photo session at the request of Navka herself.

Former biathlete of the Kazakhstan national team Elena Khrustaleva, who retired in 2016, previously played for the national team of Belarus. This short-term migration happened in the 2001/02 season, after which Khrustaleva ran for Russia, and in 2010 won the Olympic silver in the national team of Kazakhstan. Her candid photo session for the Kazakhstani edition of Men’s Health in 2009 slightly shocked the entire world community. However, even now it looks too outlandish (photo 18+).

Photo: Instagram Arina Sobolenko, instagram Anastasia Mironchik-Ivanova,,,, instagram Elena Levchenko, Pressball, Maxim, Ivan Besedin

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