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The first pancake is lumpy.

NAVI left with OGA Dota Pit after VP.Prodigy… The team’s first games in the tournament gave great hope for a successful performance in the upper bracket, but matches with Alliance and FlyToMoon showed that not everything is so great in the Navi game.

Carried out the Prodigy and showed a quick Dota

Navi’s performance at the tournament began with a victory over VP.P. A distinctive feature of those two cards is that Navi owned the initiative almost all the time. As soon as the Prodigy came back a little, Navi immediately regained the initiative.

In the first map Crystallize rushed from Haunt to Orakla and killed him while Mind Breaker was active, leaving Prodigy without a key hero. Epileptics Linka was shot down and immediately caught on Doom.

And in the second he dragged Ilyas… He perfectly changed positioning through Blink and saved Pasha by 60 HP. All of Prodigy’s skills were spent in Timber, so they were simply not ready for such a development.

As the maps progressed, Navi showed excellent teamwork. Just watch their counterattack as Prodigy knocked Aegis out of the Storm.

The storm took over the smok attack, and Timber arrived just in time with the Greaves and switched focus to himself. All these actions lowered the VP to the low ground, so Drovka freely shot everyone.

Alliance did not feel Navi

It all started at the first map draft stage:

  • Navi opened with Orakla and CM, two heroes vulnerable to instant initiation. The Alliance immediately read this weakness, responding with Nyx and Centaur, two heroes to hack the position.
  • Necr, selected for the 23rd pick, worsened the situation even more. He was just shut down by Lina, and because of Nyx, he lacked mana for most of the game.

The Alliance just went triple to Ursa and left Centaur 1v1 with Pango. So they got profitable matchups on two sidelines and roughly equal in the center. But through action fng on Enche Limp made a FB on Nekra and started snowballing mid. As a result, the Alliance is leading 8k gold by the 12th minute.

With such a pick, Navi had a chance to comeback only in the event of a series of serious mistakes by Alliance. But the team s4 they didn’t, so the game was as easy as possible for them.

The map lasted 39 minutes, but in fact ended at 15 minutes.

The second for the Alliance was not much more difficult. They did not have a huge advantage after the lanes as in the first map, but they systematically conquered territory on the map using the slow Specter in the Navi draft. As a result, Niko is farmed on Morph and becomes almost invulnerable.

Play with FlyToMon – mirror of the game with Prodigy

Both maps were controlled by FTM, and Navi played exclusively from the mistakes of the enemy.

But if Navi still managed to be the first to catch the MTF out of position, they did it successfully.

Another thing is that there were almost no such moments, and the MTF pressed Navi into the base. This led to such an overhaul that Crystallize simply could not get into a fight due to the physical damage of the enemy.

The second card turned out to be completely single-card. Pasha was destroyed on the lane, Qopa tried to comeback in the forest after the lane with Viper. FTM just overfarm Navi and finished in 30 minutes.

* * *

Now it is too early to draw final conclusions about the play of Navi’s new roster, because they played only 3 matches. But if you look at the intermediate result, then the conclusions are not the most reassuring:

  1. Draft is not the team’s strongest point. In confirmation – Alliance and FTM moved them on the lines. At the same time, the Alliance did this largely due to the competent placement of the heroes.
  2. The team’s general style of play is not visible. Perhaps it’s all about the lost lines, but in 4 cards out of 6 Navi were played solely from the opponent’s mistakes.
  3. If something goes wrong, Navi’s supports start looking for themselves on the map. It looks more like Brownian motion than systematic outputs. For example, this is the map of Ilyas’s movement on Orakle in the 1st map against the Alliance:

There are also positive aspects: however, most of these examples are in games against Prodigy:

  1. Good interaction in teamfights. Save from Ilyas through Blink is proof of that.
  2. Quickly punish the opponent for mistakes. As soon as the Epileptic went far, control immediately flies into him.

* * *

The next NAVI tournament is the Omega League. They will play in the same group with Alliance, EG, Nigma and There is no exact match schedule yet, and the tournament itself starts on August 10.

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