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And a couple of legendaries with powerful potential.

The second expansion of the Year of the Phoenix, Scholomance, is out on August 6th. All 135 cards have already been shown: a new keyword “Resonance” and cards that can be played by heroes of two classes will appear in the game.

The new mechanic works like this: you place a creature or weapon with this effect on the table, and after casting the spell, Resonance is triggered. With the second innovation, it’s even easier – you can put a Hunter-Druid card in both the Hunter and Druid decks. The entire list of double cards is below.

Demon Hunter – Hunter

Hunter – Druid

Druid – Shaman

Shaman – Mage

Mage – Rogue

Rogue – Warrior

Warrior – Paladin

Paladin – Priest

Priest – Warlock

Warlock – Demon Hunter

Experimenting with different archetypes will definitely be more interesting now. The rest of the cards work as they always did.

Demon hunter

Illidan was given more cards than the others – this is understandable, because the new hero came out in the previous expansion. Demon Hunter now has cards for clearing the table – from the previous expansion, a card was occasionally played that inflicts 4 damage to all creatures, so now you can try a more control option.


The druid got beasts, but look at the very first card – you can turn a bunch of combinations with it! When the spell is triggered, the Guardian of the Forest refreshes the mana, so if you find a way to make it cheaper, you can play in a combo with Malygos.


The Alds will remember how a single deck ripped the entire game apart in 2014 – yes, it was Wheeze Hunter. Rexar, Alleria, and Sylvanas were given three Deathrattle Cards, so you can experiment with them again or with Egg Decks in Free Mode.


Manazmei is back again: this time his name is Experiment Partner, and he gives spell damage. How much it will fit the tempo deck to animate the archetype is not yet clear, because the Igniter is clearly not as strong as the Pyro from Blackrock Mountain.


In this expansion, Uther was not given too aggressive cards, but after the release of the Ruins of Outland, only midrange and control variants on the Manuscripts are still playing. Maybe he’ll get even stronger with the five-man Blessing of the Master spell.


Now the Priest again has the ability to take your creatures for good – the Cabal Acolyte is cheaper than the Priestess of Darkness, and he also has a provocation. If aggressive decks return to the meta, this is a must.


Valeera and Maiev gave a new secret – in the previous expansion, the robber on secrets even looked into tier-1. Probably with the cheap Secret Passage and Decommissioning spells, she will return to the game, despite the Dark Jeweller Hanar’s nerf.


Remember there was such a class? Those were glorious days (for everyone who took the legend as an aggro shaman). It looks like we will only see Thrall in the control variant in this expansion.


Blizzard has added even more demons to the Warlock, so that in Freemode, a goblet or renolock with Mal’Ganis, Abysscaller and Bloodsucker Gul’Dan can come to life.


More tempo god tempo! The attacker will definitely spoil your nerves if you do not remove her in one move. Death Bite from Naxxramas is back in the form of the Reaper’s Scythe, albeit without a cleanup, but this card looks top for any tempo and aggro deck.

You can pre-order on the official Blizzard website. The megapack contains 80 regular packs and 5 gold packs, the mage’s hero Kel’Thuzad, a shirt, a random gold legendary, 4 Arena passes, perks for the Battlegrounds. The regular pre-order will only have 55 packs, an expansion shirt, and a random Gold Legendary.

Will you play with new decks? Tell us which one you would like to collect first.

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