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There were personnel changes in the leadership of the Belarusian Athletics Federation, as a result of which 21-year-old legal adviser Veronica Gres took up a very resounding post of general secretary. Pressball was the first to announce the appointment, and the federation gave the publication a comment. In short, we must give way to the young. This is almost the main principle of the UAF.

21-year-old Gres became the BFLA Secretary General. Sivodedov left the post of deputy chairman

Soaking up to the requirements for youth fully and completely meets, but is good not only for this. The new secretary general has a decent education behind him – in 2019 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Belarusian State University, and now science is being comprehended in the magistracy of the Academy of Management under the President in the specialty “management” (Veronika is writing her master’s thesis on the topic “Management of mass sports events” something about the Minsk half marathon). In the presence of knowledge of foreign languages, as well as an active life position. The girl received a scholarship from the special president’s fund to support gifted students and students, and has repeatedly participated in various international seminars and conferences organized by the European and World Athletics Associations. In general, I prepared myself in every possible way to step forward.

Veronica is fascinated not only by sports. She loves theater very much and even played herself before, and when she decided to pause, she tried not to miss student theater festivals, where she gladly supported her colleagues. She was also seen at the ballet. In general, the classics definitely suit the manager. And it’s not only about the business style, which the girl diligently adheres to, even in an informal setting, in order to look at least a little more mature and confident. Classic black and white photos suit her as well.

However, in color photos, Veronica looks no worse. She loves spring and generally sets an internal calendar for this season.

Naturally, the photo with the chairman of the UAF and the current leader Vadim Devyatovsky is available. Pay attention to the signature made in Belarusian. Also in the photo there is a declaration of love for the work of Vladimir Korotkevich. It is immediately clear who graduated from school with a gold medal.

The new secretary general is also familiar with the work of Maxim Bogdanovich. Or maybe this trace left Pesnyary and Vladimir Mulyavin? The girl respects Belarusian music. For example, listens to Polina Republic J: MORS.

In some photos of Veronica, the chairman is not present in the frame, but as a commentator. For example, here. We agree that it is difficult to remain silent here.

The girl, as we already understood, has a lot of talents. There are even escape routes if something goes wrong in your new position. Events, weddings, banquets are a piece of cake for Veronica. Well, if someone requires confirmation of skills, there is a corresponding diploma. With such proposals, the girl asks to contact direct. So if your dates are suddenly on, but there is no presenter, you know what to do.

In the comments under this photo, friends and acquaintances are surprised how their friend does everything. However, it is clear that the girl has enough energy to embody goals and ideas. Keeping pace was taught by her employment in the trade union committee of BSU (she even was the chairman of the trade union bureau of law students).

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