The newcomer’s fiancee “Dynamo” also played hockey – she admires her partner and flies to him from Canada – Girl of the day – Blogs


Not so long ago Dynamo signed another rookie legionnaire (according to the 4 + 1 formula, they were clearly too much) – Canadian Matthew Mayone became the Zubr player. For a week in a new country for himself, the ex-player of Riga “Dynamo” and “Kunlun” managed to experience surprise.

Matthew Mayone: “The first thing that surprised me in Belarus is why people speak Russian here with their own language”

He has not been able to help the new club yet – Dynamo have three defeats in three matches against Mayone. But in a moment of emotional sadness from the results, the hockey player can always remember the warm words of his bride Michelle Goode. That’s how she congratulated hockey player with his November birthday: “To my fiance and the love of my life! You are the most incredible person. Your hard work, determination, kindness and sincerity inspire me every day. You deserve the whole world and much more. I wish you all the success, happiness and joy that one more revolution around the Sun can bring. ” Good and Mayone have been dating for a long time and have already scheduled a wedding for the coming June. The girl, like her chosen one, was engaged in hockey – she played as a goalkeeper, but ended her career long ago.

Michelle lives in Canada and works the creative director of our own design agency. But this does not bother the couple – the distance to the beloved, who has recently played far from North America, Good is not a hindrance. This is how she and Mayone celebrated the last New Year in Riga.

And during the game of the Canadian in China, he and the bride met in Hong Kong.

It seems that Minsk will soon appear on the girl’s personal travel map. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at her using Instagram.

Dynamo had Basque, and they also signed a defender singer – the most musical outsider in the KHL 😄

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