The presenter of the weather on the channel “Spas”, at the sight of which we are overcome by sinful thoughts


We must admit that it was a little anxious for us to realize that the hottest presenter of the weather forecast is about Janet Garcia – lives not in Russia, the smithy of beauties, but in Mexico. But it looks like we worried in vain! (Unlike the case with the tax office.) We have a weather presenter who is every bit as good as the Mexican beauty, if not better. So, get acquainted: our Orthodox answer Yanet Garcia – weather presenter Natalia Zotova!

In general, Natalia during her career as a TV presenter managed to tell about the weather to viewers of various channels. But it was as the TV presenter of the Spas channel that the girl attracted our attention. To be honest, we no longer thought that something wonderful could be seen on the Spas channel; we decided to turn it off completely (together with the My Udmurtia channel). And then Natalia appeared before our eyes – in all her original splendor. If we are to hear that for our sins we will burn up in hellish heat or freeze in hellish frost, then only from her lips. Here’s a typical episode with a TV host.

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