The same 21-year-old Russian dancer that Johnny Depp is rumored to be marrying



Johnny Depp never ceases to shock his busy hectic life: he just got divorced from Amber Heard and provided the court with evidence the fact that she beat him (yes, that is), and here is Captain Scissorhands again in all the world’s news reports!

This time, Depp is wooed to Pauline Glen, a 21-year-old Russian dancer living in Los Angeles. Allegedly, a year ago, the actor was seen with a girl in a hotel in Serbian Belgrade. The St. Petersburg dancer and the Hollywood actor met at one of the famous Los Angeles parties and, obviously, immediately liked each other.

Well, in the spring of 2019, the actor’s feelings have grown so strong that he is going to go to Polina’s hometown, meet her parents and propose to the girl. St. Petersburg turned out to be Polina’s hometown, where, by a mysterious coincidence, on April 24 the bus fell into a boiling water pit… However, let us reject suspicion.

In general, of course, we treat this story with a grain of salt and, retelling it, we cannot help but arched an eyebrow (which we specially grew for such a case). The fact is that the source of the news is a publication with not the most impeccable reputation. Daily mail… It, in turn, refers to a mysterious “source”. So, as they say, ahem.

But even if Pauline and Johnny don’t have a close relationship, we will never regret showing you the 10 best photos from the dancer’s Instagram. And you, believe me, will not regret seeing them.


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