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Guys, bad news: Polish judge Karolina Boyar, who was named the sexiest arbiter in the world by “The S * n”, is no longer free. Today, the girl accepted an offer from her colleague Daniel Stefanski.

21-year-old Karolina was born in Krakow. Studies at the Faculty of Law of the Jagiellonian University. For several years, the girl has been judging football matches in the men’s and women’s leagues. In the spring, she told the Bolshoi Football magazine about her unexpectedly fallen popularity, VAR, and even shared what associations she had with Belaurus. Check out the full interview here:

“My arrival is already news.” The Sexiest Arbiter Girl in the World on Popularity, VAR and Harassment

Her chosen one should be well known to the Belarusian fans in the LE match between Shakhtar Salihorsk and Torino, where the Pitmen lost 5-0, and Pavel Rybak managed to avoid getting into an almost empty net from several meters:

We give the hottest photos from her insta, it is quite possible that more such photos will not appear there:

Photo: instagram / bojarmeow /

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