Following the scandalous departure of Evgeny Malkin to Pittsburgh, the Yaroslavl team went overseas Alexey Mikhnov and Andrey Taratukhin – in “Edmonton” and Calgary respectively. Taratukhin, who did not make his way to the Flames, successfully plays for the farm club. And Mikhnov, who did not get a chance to gain a foothold in the Oilers, preferred to return to Lokomotiv. “>


– There was no point in sitting in the AHL, – the overall striker admitted. – There is a very weak level. Now, upon returning to Russia, I feel it very strongly. “>

– So there was no chance to gain a foothold in Edmonton this year?

– Basically, I spent two months in the team. More precisely, I sat on the podium – I was not even given a chance to play. I think it would have been the same further.

– But, probably, when you left for Canada, you understood that the chance to break into the “base” of the Oilers is minimal?

– Well, first of all, I didn’t think so. I felt the strength in myself. I was even sure that I would get into the lineup. And I was very surprised that they left me in the team to watch the games from the stands. If they were immediately sent to the farm, no questions asked. But when you just sit, and everyone just walks by and smiles, but no one considers it necessary to explain the situation … It’s somehow strange. “>


– Andrei Taratukhin, with whom you simultaneously went overseas, is currently one of the best newcomers in the AHL. Did you happen to meet him there?

– We played in different conferences, so we never saw each other. We communicated only by phone. “>

– Didn’t pull him with you – to return?

– No, I have no right to do this. He must decide for himself.

– Have you improved your English? Do you communicate with Loko head coach Paul Gardner without an interpreter?

– Yes of course. Even before my departure, I could speak more or less English. And now I can talk to the coach without any problems. “>


– Do you think that it was the Canadian mentor who managed to “give acceleration” to Lokomotiv, or are there any merits from his predecessors?

– It’s hard to answer. After all, I returned when the team had already won five victories in a row. And I don’t know how the previous trainers worked.

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