This is what the most beautiful student in Russia looks like (photo gallery)


Our country has always been famous not only for high standards of education, but also for beautiful girls. What happens if you combine these two primordially Russian features? And if your thoughts moved towards a beauty contest among students, then you are absolutely right!

Kazan hosted a contest “Beauty of Students”, its winner was Alina Zareinik, a student of the Penza Medical Institute and a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. She had to compete with 70 competitors from different cities of Russia. 12 participants from six regions reached the final of the competition.

According to the organizers of the competition, the students not only had to impress the jury with their beauty, but also have achievements in cultural, creative and social activities. And the finalists even passed the test for knowledge of the history of Russia and the Constitution.

Alina has already taken part in this competition, and in 2015 she even became the first vice-miss and twice more laureate of the Russian Student Spring festival. Well, now her victory is complete and final, with which we congratulate her.

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