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Robert Whittaker: “Till has nothing but a punch from the left”

Former UFC Champion Robert Whittaker (20-5) shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight with Darren Till (18-2-1).

“The biggest threat to me is his left kick, and he knows that too. That is why I think that this match is much more profitable for me than for him. Because he has so much more to worry about. I have a lot more dangerous attacks in my arsenal, I am very creative, I can attack from a variety of angles. And Darren only has his left arm, that’s all. I’m covered from everything else.

Till is very good at using his left hand, it can’t be taken away from him. He pushed many opponents down with his left, so I should treat him with respect. But Darren has a lot more to worry about, ”Whittaker said.

Source: mmajunkie.usatoday.com


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