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Didn’t fit the CS: GO mechanics.

Almost all known maps from Counter Strike 1.6, in one form or another, have moved to CS: GO… Inferno, Nuke, Dust2 – they were all remade, but they still returned to both professional matches and regular matchmaking. In CS: GO there is only one cards, on which in CS 1.6 everyone played – this Tuscan

In the current version of the game, she has already become a kind of meme. All old players dream about the return of Tuskan, but the card has never appeared in the official version of CS: GO and has hardly been used in tournaments. Why didn’t Tuscan appear in the mappool, despite popular love? Let’s tell you now.

Tuscan grew out of a different map made by tournament organizers

Tuscan would never have made it to Counter-Strike if it weren’t for tournament organizer Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL). In the first half of the 2000s, the organization was the first to hold truly major Counter-Strike championships. CPL made tournaments comparable in importance to modern majors in CS: GO, and any professional player wanted to play at their events.

The influence of the CPL was so great that the organization created special maps to play in its tournaments. In the modern CS scene, this would be impossible: just imagine that now ESL or StarLadder would force teams to play only on a proprietary map pool.

One of the created maps was de_cpl_mill. The location was extremely uncomplicated: two bombs, simple structure and gray-brown textures. Nevertheless, it was liked by both professional players and ordinary amateurs to play with friends. De_cpl_mill is the perfect example of a map that is easy to learn but difficult to perfect. A large number of boosts, unusual pins and tactical diversity made the location a cult one in the first years after the release.

The Tuscan became iconic in CS 1.6. The most famous highlight from a pistol was made on it.

The map was very popular, but it was only used in CPL tournaments – the organizer owned all the rights to it. Since other companies (WCG, ESWC) hosted the majors besides the CPL, many of them wanted to create something similar to de_cpl_mill to allow teams to play on a cool map without violating the rights to it.

In 2005, CEVO, which also organizes popular CS 1.6 tournaments, decided on a full-fledged remake of the map. To create it, they hired designer Colin “Brute” Volrath, who had previously won the CEVO mapmaker competition with the map De_Russka… Brute did a lot of work on the famous location: he changed the structure with underground passages, changed textures and added several new passes to points.

The map looked different, but anyone playing on de_cpl_mill could easily recognize its work in Tuscan. In fact, Brute just improved and finalized the map, adding new chips and textures. And even despite the complaints about the imbalance (the terrorists on Tuscan had much more freedom than on de_cpl_mill), the development was considered successful, and it was firmly entrenched in the competitive map pool.

In 2007, the CPL held its last tournament, after which there was no need to use de_cpl_mill in the championships. From that moment on, Tuscan became one of the leading maps in Counter-Strike. In the last three years of the CS 1.6 competitive scene, Tuskan has appeared in all the majors and was very popular with the top teams.

For viewers from the CIS Tuscan especially close because of Edward’s five frags in the pistol round in 2010. Ace versus Fnatic is still considered the best highlight in Counter-Strike history. The moment on Tuskan finally secured the title of “king of pistols” for the NAVI player.

CS: GO release failed due to bugs and lack of Valve support

If Tuskan entered CS Source without any problems and entered the competitive map pool at many tournaments, then there were problems with the release in CS: GO. Initially, the map developer liked the idea of ​​releasing a new version for the Global Offensive – almost immediately after the game’s release, he began work on Tuscan 2.0. In September 2014, a beta version of Tuscan appeared on the Steam Workshop, after which Brute continued to refine the map for several months with the help of feedback from fans.

In March 2015, the final version of the Tuscan was released for CS: GO… It seemed that in the near future the map could return to the competitive mappool and become one of the main locations for the game for a long time. Delight turned to disappointment as users explored a little deeper map

It turned out that in the CS: GO version, Tuskan was extremely flawed. It had a lot of bugs, pixel boosts and invisible textures, which made it simply impossible to arrange competitive matches on it. Later, it also turned out that the map did not fit the modern Counter-Strike gameplay using Molotov cocktails, since the fire covered all positions at the points and made the bombsite and knockout very easy.


Apparently, after this failure, Brute finally lost the desire to work on the map. A few months after the release, the Tuscan stopped updating and was finally abandoned. Brute was reluctant to work on the map further, but was always ready to sell it to Valve if the company showed interest.

Also, for some time, the developer wanted to cooperate with other mapmakers in order to work together to modify the Tuscan for the CS: GO mechanics. One of the designers who responded was FMPONE, the creator of the famous Cache and Season maps. The fans were delighted because with the help of a professional mapmaker, the map could be reborn. But after a while, Brute did not speak in the best way about the developer.

“I didn’t answer FMPONE because he called my phone 3-4 times a day for a month. During this time, I was moving to the West Coast for a new job, planning a wedding, and acclimating to a new location. Rape my phone all day just like my ex from school is the best way to get ignored in any professional environment. He burned the bridges, not me, ”wrote Brute on reddit.

The photo shows the same FMPONE.

Redeem the rights to Tuscan wanted former pro American player Mohammed “MOe” Assad to refine it and promote it to the competitive mappool. The player never bought the card, but even if they bought it, Valve would have the last word, which, it seems, doesn’t really need the card. According to Brute, the developers never even tried to contact him. Even in 2018, the creator of Tuskan tried to draw Valve’s attention to the map, but the developers did not respond. Even despite the numerous requests from fans to add the location to the game.

The card was used in several show matches

Most tournament operators have always stuck to the official Valve map pool and did not change it for their championships. One of the exceptions was CEVO, with the help of which the Tuscan appeared in CS 1.6. At the tournaments of this organization in CS: GO, Tuskan was often used in the map pool, although, basically, they played it only at the American championships.

With the sale of CEVO to another company, the matches on Tuskan finally disappeared. Unfortunately, the map was really too unfinished for CS: GO, so it was not even used for show matches. Only in 2020, during the pandemic, several funny games on Tuscan took place on the CS scene at once. First, the old NAVI CS 1.6 roster played with bloggers on it, and then 100 Thieves and Liquid held a show match in the Tuscan version for CS: GO.

* * *

Does Tuscan have a future in competitive Counter-Strike? Most probably not. Valve now compiles an official map pool, which allows Valve to decide on which maps teams will play in all tournaments. Now the developers prefer to work on the maps themselves or just finish the locations a little from the community. Redeeming Tuscan from Brute and then completely redesigning it is a difficult and not very necessary task for Valve, so the chance to see this map again in tournaments is minimal.

But at least one more time to watch the top team play on the Tuscan will be possible in the near future – at the show match between NAVI 2010 and NAVI 2020. This map is perfect for such games.

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