Two Victoria’s Secret lingerie models who are actually programmers


Unexpectedly, users who were offended to the depths of their stereotypical souls rushed into the commentary to the publication: in their opinion, the Victoria’s Secret model cannot program.

“Nowadays, the spelling of the word” hello “is considered programming”, – said one of the commentators, hinting at the first program that students-programmers learn to write “Hello, world!” (“Hello, world!”).

“Anyone can write code, but not everyone can write code well.”, Said another misogynist thinker.

To be fair, let’s say that negative comments quickly drowned in a stream of praise. We, of course, join the latter. And we is in a hurry to share the most programmer photos of Karlie Kloss and Lindsay Scott. And there is a reason: on September 13, the world celebrated Programmer’s Day.

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